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A New Subaru EV With More Than 900-Mile Range? It’s Possible In The Next 4 Years

Subaru will have an advantage over many automakers with its three new EVs coming in 2025 and 2026. See why Subaru could move to the front in the EV race.


Full Tank of Gas Used Car Scam

What can you do when you do not have a mechanic available to inspect a used car for you before deciding on whether to buy it or not? DIY is the next best thing with this advice on how to inspect a used car yourself with step-by-step instruction on what to do and what to look out for to avoid being scammed on your next used car purchase. Which includes (but is not limited to) why you should be suspicious when that used car is being sold with a completely full tank of gas.


SuperVan 4.2 Van Continues Tradition As It Takes On Pikes Peak

Working with STARD advanced research and development, Ford Performance developed the Super Van 4.2 to take part in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Like other major races lately, Ford has used them to develop and refine electric vehicles. The Super Van has many special refinements that will likely find their way into Ford's electric fleet in the future.


Toyota's Quantum Leap: Next-Gen Batteries Propelling Toyota as EV Pioneers

Get ready to witness the automotive revolution as Toyota unveils their next-gen batteries, poised to redefine the limits of electric vehicles. These groundbreaking advancements not only bridge the gap to solid-state battery technology but also position Toyota as a formidable leader in the electrified future, setting a new standard for range, efficiency, and sustainability.