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Mercedes E-Class Shifter

Actually Mercedes-Benz E-Class' Shifter Is Awsome

Recently, Consumer Reports released a report that detailed how confusing shifters have gotten on cars with automatic transmissions. It called out more than a dozen manufacturers for using shift levers it claims are difficult to use, even going to far as to stop recommending the Chrysler 300, the Lexus CT200h, and both the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and GLE. But while the report makes several good points, I can’t agree with it entirely. Because Mercedes’ column shifter is actually awesome.
Mercedes CLA

The CLA is the affordable Mercedes, but it is a value?

Mercedes released the CLA class in 2014 with the promise of bringing Mercedes prestige within reach of everyday consumers, now three years later with plenty of time in consumer hands there is a good amount of verified owner feedback on the CLA. I reviewed consumer posts of their CLAs compare with a similarly priced if less flashy competitor and come up with a verdict.