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Mercedes, Toyota Plants in Alabama Shut Down by Violent Southern Storms

Mother Nature continues to shut down production at Toyota, but this time the affected plant is in Alabama and the problem is a series of violent storms and not the Tsunami and earthquake that struck its home production facilities in Japan. Mercedes was equally hard hit by the horrific storms that have killed more than 268 people as of Thursday afternoon.

Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class establishes new compact class era

Just as Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) reported March with a 12.6 % sales improvement over March 2010, plus the company's highest March volume and first quarter on record, the company revealed a new concept-class era with the Concept A-Class which makes its debut at both the 2011 New York and Shanghai Auto Shows later this month.

Monkeys disassemble Mercedes

The monkeys in England’s Longleat Safari Park had not seen a car in a long time so officials at the park decided to give them one of their own. What happened is exactly what might if you parked your Mercedes in one of the more questionable neighborhoods of any city in the world. The locals tore it apart.

Mercedes-Benz Museum Opens Drive Technologies of the Future Exhibit

This Saturday Jan. 29 marks the 125th anniversary of the automobile based on Mercedes-Benz’ assertion that Carl Benz’ patent application for his motor car commenced the whole thing rolling to where we are today. To mark the occasion, Mercedes-Benz has opened an exhibit at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart on drive technologies of the future.

Ford Wins Overall Polk Loyalty Award at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Ford’s resurgence is shown with the announcement that it has the highest rate of overall customer loyalty with its win at the 15th annual Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards, presented at the Automotive News World Congress as part of the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. Kia is the brand with most improved loyalty.