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COMTRANS Moscow Auto Show 2011

Volvo, Mercedes-Benz Fully Present at Comtrans Auto Show in Moscow

While the attention of the car industry is on the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show a special auto show, called Comtrans, kicked off in Russian capital Moscow yesterday displaying commercial vehicles. Major truck and commercial vehicle makers of the worlds are at COMTRANS displaying their entire lines and here is why it makes perfect sense.

The Mercedes Benz F125! Concept unveiled ahead of Frankfurt

Mercedes Benz hasn’t had much to say about what they are planning to unveil this week at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show but thanks to the Italian site Omni Autos, we have a look at the new Mercedes Benz F125! Concept that is expected to make its debut later this week in Frankfurt – with the German automaker is calling on a high tech powertrain and their distinctive gullwing door style.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Force moves to Miami’s Swim Week

Miami-based international stylist, Danny Santiago is patrolling the streets of the southern city with a cadre of Fashion Enforcers looking for the foremost fashionistas in the official and classy CLS63 AMG. The patrol will be looking for stylesetters with unique looks and fresh, innovative appeal through the end of Swim Week July 17.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Center polishes the past’s jewels

They are the classics that have shone bright over a long history of 125 years – the owners of these vintage Mercedes-Benz want them to shine just as vibrantly today. That’s when the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center (MBCC) becomes an asset as valuable as gold or platinum. There, over 50,000 parts from the model lineup over a century are available, not too mention restoration services from the company that built the vehicle originally and knows what the owners want now.

Leaked: Mercedes-Benz hides its 2012 C63 AMG Black Series Coupe by painting it red

When a celebrity doesn't want to get noticed out on the street, they wear something completely drab and wear the biggest, darkest sunglasses in order to remain incognito. When Mercedes tested its new 2012 C63 Black edition, they decided to disguise it in a bright red paint and send it out stark naked.

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster now in country

Few things are as pleasurable as an open air drive on a warm summer evening, with the lights of the city spreading across the valley like the stars in the heavens above. Few vehicles deliver that feeling like the Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster. The 2012 model, the third generation of the car that launched the move to automatic hardtops, in now arriving at dealerships in the U.S.
2012 Mercedes M Class

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz models will be more fuel efficient and powerful

In the 2012 model-year most Mercedes-Benz vehicles will be equipped with a more fuel-efficient 7-speed automatic transmission and increased power from direct-injection gasoline engines. That includes a new turbo four-cylinder, a normally aspirated V6 and bi-turbo V8s – some with ECO Stop/Start technology. Yesterday we covered the C-Class through E-Class lineup and continue today starting with the E-Class sedan and wagon.