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Image showing a Eureka Gold Lucid Air rolling off the production line at the AMP-1 facility.

Lucid's Q4 Earnings Call Takes Place On February 28th And Management Will Answer Investor Questions

Investors will finally get access to Lucid's Q4 results at the end of February. How many Lucid Air Dream Editions were shipped to customers before December 31st? How many cars has Lucid built so far? Lucid shareholders will be able to put these questions to management through a new voting system.
Lucid Motors Dream Edition

Near Term Catalysts for Lucid Motors, This Is Why Institutions Are Buying Lucid Motors Stock

Lucid Motors is significantly undervalued at $27.43. We are seeing multiple institutions and hedge funds accumulate a ton of shares near these prices after we saw the Tesla Earnings negatively affect Lucid Motors stock price. After the huge dip from the electric vehicle sector, Lucid has had trouble breaking the resistance to $30.
Image showing a row of Lucid Air gearboxes waiting for installation at the AMP-1 factory in Arizona

Lucid Is Hiring Mechanical Engineers, Supply Chain Staff In Taiwan To Combat Chip Shortage

With the global semiconductor shortage showing no signs of easing Lucid appears to be setting up shop right at the source. Taiwan is the undisputed biggest player in the semiconductor industry, with a single Taiwanese manufacturer producing more than half of the planet's supply of the precious chips.
Image showing a gold Lucid Air parked inside the brand's newest Studio in Newport, California

Lucid European Expansion: Customers Invited To Convert Pre-orders To Formal Reservations

Lucid's plans for 2022 include crucial expansions into European and Middle Eastern markets, with this latest round of emails showing that things are moving ahead. The American EV startup has released a map detailing its next moves, but there are a couple of locations that are cause for some head scratching.
A white Lucid Air parked outside some shops and restaurants

Second-Hand Lucid Air Dream Editions Are Appearing For Sale On eBay Motors

It was only a matter of time until people started flipping their Lucid Air Dream Editions, and that time is upon us. Dream Editions are appearing for sale online with sellers touting the exclusivity of the limited 520 car run. Some were bought to resell immediately, while others are being driven and enjoyed until a new owner comes along.
Image showing a gold Lucid Air connected to one of Electrify America's fast chargers.

Lucid Extends 3-Year Unlimited Free Charging Offer For New Customers At Electrify America Stations

Lucid's answer to Tesla's Supercharger network is its partnership with Electrify America, providing customers with three years of free charging without having to build its own infrastructure. The offer was due to expire on December 31st 2021 but has now been extended.