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My Unforgettable Ride on the Zero Motorcycle

From rollercoaster-like acceleration to silent speed, my ride on the Zero electric motorcycle was an adrenaline-charged dance with the future.


The first time I straddled the Zero electric motorcycle, I was immediately enveloped in a whirlwind of emotions. The culmination of curiosity, excitement, and an inkling of uncertainty had my heart racing, metaphorically and literally.

Zero, An Experience Unlike Anything Else

I've ridden numerous bikes over the past 20 years, but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer rush that the Zero provided. It felt less like riding a traditional motorcycle and more like being strapped onto a rollercoaster at Six Flags. And just like that rollercoaster, the exhilaration began when I twisted the throttle. The power delivery was instantaneous; no gears to change, no lag, just pure, unadulterated acceleration.

Zero EV cycle Front

Amidst the intoxicating speed, what caught my attention was the bike's immaculate balance. It was nimble, precise, and felt like an extension of my body rather than a machine. Moreover, the regenerative braking was nothing short of groundbreaking. Not only was it efficient in slowing the bike down, but the feature reclaimed energy—something gasoline bikes could only dream of. No, a petrol engine will never allow you to regain lost gasoline. Still, with the Zero, every deceleration contributed to more juice in the battery.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

The 180-mile range, although respectable for an electric vehicle, does induce range anxiety, especially on longer rides. Charging, while aided by the J1772 plug for Level 2 quick charging, still felt like a test of patience compared to a quick gas fill-up. 

Zero EV cycle screen display

Charging on a level 2 charger will land you about 1 hour to "refuel," which is not bad. It does give you time to rest, enjoy your pit stop, and get pumped for the next leg of your journey.  

Multiple Bikes In One Convenient Package

For those who like to mix up their riding styles, the bike offers a range of modes, from 'Eco' for those longer rides to 'Sport' for the adrenaline junkies and even 'Track' for the truly adventurous. The effects on battery life vary with each mode, but that's a small price to pay for the tailored experiences each way offers.

Zero EV cycle side

Not only does Zero offer an incredible bike for the street, but their dual sport series is a fantastic machine that is incredibly capable for those who enjoy adventure on and off the road. 

Power For Days (Sort Of)

Hidden beneath the sleek exterior is a 14.4kW lithium-ion battery housed in a case designed for maximum heat dissipation. While the technical specs are impressive, the actual ride experience steals the show.

The sort of part is really that the range is "capped" at 180(ish) miles. However, with battery advancements I would suspect we will see a massive increase in range within the next few years. 

The most surreal part of the journey? The silence. Without a roaring engine, I felt more connected to the environment. It was just the sound of the wind, the hum of the electric motor, and my own exhilarating heartbeat.


So, would I recommend the Zero electric motorcycle? In a heartbeat. The combination of thrill, innovation, and a glimpse into the future of motorcycling left me impressed and yearning. I need one, and if you ever get the chance to try it, I bet you'll feel the same.

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