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Jeep Wants 2024 Grand Cherokee Buyers to Make New Memories and Cherish Nostalgia

New 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee ads remind families of the growing Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup and all the memories waiting to be made.


Jeep says there are 3 million Grand Cherokees still on the road which outnumbers other full-size SUVs. Jeep is reaching out to those drivers to remind them of all the memories made in those Jeeps and that the Grand Cherokee has changed to fit their growing families. The Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup now includes an electrified 2024 Grand Cherokee 4xe and three-row 2024 Grand Cherokee L to suit families’ changing needs. A new Jeep ad called ‘Dents’ focuses on Jeep nostalgia.


"Since 1992 the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been enabling adventures," said Jim Morrison, senior vice president and head of Jeep brand North America. "Available now for 2024 model year in 2-row Grand Cherokee, 3-row Grand Cherokee L and the electrified Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid, the adventures, of all kind, will continue providing long lasting memories."


2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Planning Future Memories

In a video news conference discussing the new campaign, Olivier Francois, Stellantis’ Global Chief Marketing Officer, made it clear that Jeep is being authentic when it talks about the Grand Cherokee being “a part of the fabric of the family for forty years”. Francois said, “Authenticity is everything”.

“'Dents' follows our Grand Cherokee through the various stages of its family’s life, making meaningful memories through the dents and scratches it receives over the years,” said Marissa Hunter, senior vice president, Stellantis North America. “For our owners, their Jeep Grand Cherokee is much more than a mode of transportation, it is a member of their family playing a pivotal role in their own life journey. This emotional connection has been built and fortified over decades and now with the expanded lineup, we truly have something for everyone. In our film, as we usher in the electrified model, careful consideration is given to keeping traditions alive as the keys and the memories are passed down to the next generation.”

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Not Resting on Laurels

The 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee is not relying only on nostalgia for its sales. Jeep continues to lead in safety and technology. The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L and the Grand Cherokee recently earned the TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety meaning that the models are some of the safest you can buy. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has received more awards than any other SUV in history. According to Jeep, so far this year, the Grand Cherokee has the highest model-to-model loyalty in the full-size utility-vehicle segment (23CYTD, Jan-Jun), which is impressive. It is a streak the company wants to continue.

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