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Tesla Investor Says There’re “Incredible” Details To be Revealed About Cybertruck, Choses it as Oracle’s Next Cop Car

Oracle CEO, Tesla investor, former Tesla board member, and Elon Musk’s close personal friend, Larry Ellison unveils the Cybertruck as Oracle’s next-generation police vehicle. Ellison also says there are yet unknown incredible Cybertruck specs.


The Cybertruck’s design is unlike any truck before it. Rather than the body-on-frame design of all trucks, the Cybertruck has an exoskeleton meaning the entire body makes part of the chassis. This allows Tesla to increase the vehicle’s stiffness while at the same time reducing the weight.

And Tesla has chosen to construct the exoskeleton from 90% recycled cold-rolled stainless steel. Cold-rolled steel differs from conventional steel in that instead of heating the steel to make it more malleable, cold-rolled steel is rolled at room temperature.

This allows to produce thin flat sheets of stainless steel. The rollers also reduce the grain size of the metal, making it stronger and giving it a smooth surface. Tesla in conjunction with Elon Musk’s space venture, SpaceX, has come up with a new stainless steel alloy (300X) to build the Cybertruck.

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According to Tesla, this makes the Cybertruck’s body bulletproof to a 9-millimeter handgun. In addition to its stainless steel body, the Cybertruck also sports bulletproof glass all around which further enhances the truck’s safety bonafide.

Add to this the Cybertruck’s quick acceleration, performance, and 4-wheel steering, then directly from the factory, the Cybertruck is made to be the perfect vehicle for law enforcement. 

This fact has recently come to the forefront as Oracle CEO, Tesla investor, former Tesla board member, and Elon Musk’s close personal friend, Larry Ellison unveiled the Cybertruck as Oracle’s next-generation police vehicle.

During the unveiling, Ellison said… 

“Our next generation police car is coming out very soon. It’s my favorite police car, it’s my favorite car actually, it’s Elon’s favorite car. It’s incredible, I know too much about it, some of it is still to be disclosed but among other things, it’s very safe, it’s very fast, it’s got a stainless steel body and we don’t have to add a screen or cameras to it because we actually use their existing cameras and their existing screen to put our application for people in Tesla vehicles. All this stuff is up and running and is deployed in Stanis County, I know for the police and I believe for the fire department also.”

The hype for the Cybertruck is already through the roof with new estimates pegging Cybertruck reservations to over 2 million vehicles, meaning the Cybertruck doesn’t need any more advertisement. However, Larry Elison saying that it’s his favorite car should add to the already overwhelming anticipation for the truck.

Larry Ellison has unique access to Tesla not only because he is one of the company’s largest investors but also due to his former role as a Tesla board member and his close friendship with Elon Musk.

And when he says the Cybertruck is his favorite car of all time and that there are yet more incredible details to learn about the truck, then it actually means something.

Ellison’s positive Cybertruck comments and the fact that he has already chosen the truck as the company’s next-generation police car is certainly exciting but, sadly, the Oracle CEO hasn’t gone so far as to reveal more details about the truck other than insinuating that there are more interesting facts we’ll learn about the Cybertruck.

However, for those of us who can’t wait to see the Cybertruck out on the roads, the wait doesn’t appear as though it’ll be too long as there are reports from Tesla employees that the EV maker is internally planning to start Cybertruck deliveries next month.

And we’ll be sure to keep you posted as Tesla nears the first delivery of a production Cybertruck. Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited to learn Oracle has already chosen the Cybertruck as the company’s next-generation police vehicle? Also, what do you think are the incredible Cybertruck details that Elison hinted at? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Screenshot from Oracle’s vision for the future—Larry Ellison keynote | Oracle CloudWorld 2023

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