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Flying Bullet Stopped By Ford Bronco Sport’s Moonroof - No Injuries

A Ford Bronco Sport owner recounts how her vehicle proved bulletproof. Here is her harrowing story.


The Ford Bronco Sport is a rugged SUV, and in one recent incident proved to be bullet-proof. Although the bullet did damage the vehicle, it was prevented from entering the cabin by the moonroof. Yes, you read that correctly, the moonroof.

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Beth E. is the owner of a 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks. One of that particular trim’s features is a retractable glass moonroof. After returning to her vehicle after a trip, Beth was shocked to discover a bullet had broken, but not entered her moonroof. Here is the story in her own words. 

Image of bullet courtesy of Beth ElderTN - Please tell us about what happened. 
Beth E. - I had to go to CA for a one-day conference. The parking ramp at Phoenix (airport’s parking garage) was so full that I had to park on the top, uncovered level. I got back on the afternoon of Oct 14, got in my car, started driving, and heard what sounded like marbles up on the roof. I pulled over and looked to discover glass everywhere. At first, I thought, vandals? Did something drop from an airplane? I was so confused. The next morning, I was trying to clean up the glass, and among the shattered pieces, I found the bullet. To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure that’s what it was! I sent the photo to my dad and brother, and they confirmed.

TN - Did the bullet hit something other than the glass? Why didn’t it penetrate the moonroof?
Beth E. - The image where the bullet is in my hand shows where the bullet came through, hit the glass, and then one of the metal bars in the opening mechanism. I had the inner part closed so the glass didn’t get inside. 

TN - Did you report the incident to the police?
Beth E. - I did report it to the police. They checked reports and cameras at the Phoenix airport, and there was nothing in the 24 hours my truck was parked there.

TN - Did the police offer any ideas about how it may have ended up hitting the moonroof?
Beth E. - They guessed it was shot from off airport property, up into the air, and came down onto my sunroof.

TN - How are the repairs being handled?
Beth E. - My insurance does cover the damages after the deductible. They estimated around $3500 to repair. Because of the auto strike, I am still waiting, as many parts are taking longer than usual. (Beth has been waiting over four weeks for her Ford to be repaired by the local dealer).

TN - We are so glad nobody was injured. Falling bullets can be deadly
Beth E. - I feel so lucky. I remember that as I was walking to my car, I saw a family with three little kids, two toddlers and a baby. I often think that bullet could have hit one of them just as easily as my Bronco. I could have been in the Bronco with the roof open. It makes one realize how life is truly one moment at a time.

Torque News would like to thank Beth E. for sharing her story, which we first learned of at the 2021+ Ford Bronco Sport Owners on Facebook. 

Images of bullet stopped by Ford Bronco Sport by Beth E.

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