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Act Fast To Get $100 Back on BFGoodrich’s New HD-Terrain T/A KT Tire

A promotion saving HD truck owners $100 on tires is set to expire soon. Here’s how to save money on the newest HD truck tire from BFGoodrich, the HD-Terrain T/A KT.


This past spring, BFGoodrich introduced its newest tire for heavy-duty pickup trucks. Called the HD-Terrain T/A KT, this tire was specifically designed for heavy loads and work trucks.

During the tire’s introduction, Stephen Peters, BFGoodrich Brand Director, summed up the tire line, saying, “While the work environment can be demanding on vehicles, most of today’s tire options are not designed to resist high torque and extreme chipping and tearing, but instead are designed for recreational off-road vehicles and applications.” Mr. Peters added, “The BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT tire fills a void in the market. Our offer is purposely built for consumers who want a longer-lasting tire even if they drive heavy-duty trucks.”

Featuring CoreGard technology, which offers unmatched toughness against sidewall splitting, the HD-Terrain T/A KT is an ideal tire for those who rely on their work truck day in and day out to be utterly reliable in all situations. 

BFGoodrich says its HD-Terrain T/A KT tires have these design features:

Chip-and-tear durability and sidewall toughness: The tires were tested in some of the most extreme conditions. After each test, the tires rolled away ready for more. HD-Terrain has an all-new tread compound designed to resist chipping and tearing.

Application- and fitment-focused: The demands of heavy-duty trucks are on the rise, so BFGoodrich engineered a tire that meets the moment and then some. Whether you’re dumping tons of stone into a truck or towing a skid loader out of a ditch, the tires are purpose-built for any task.

Traction: No job is off-limits with the HD-Terrain tire. With “Mud-Phobic” bars and a serrated shoulder design, the tire will allow you to plow through gravel and mud and then take the pavement home at the end of the day.

The promotion saving owners $100 runs through September 9th. So, you have a couple of days to pull the trigger on these new tires. Where can you get them? Your local tire retailer can help, but to get the special deal order online from Tire Rack to get the discount. Start Here.

BFGoodrich is a brand many who want a tire suited to the full range of driving experiences from ultra-high-performance street to off-road terrain with one common theme – extreme performance turn to. If you have a heavy-duty truck and are looking for tough, reliable tires, this offer is worth checking out. 

Image courtesy of BFGoodrich.

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