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Honda is one of the oldest and most respected Japanese brands in the United States and here you can find the latest Honda news and reviews about Honda vehicles. The news on this page is updated daily. Now manufacturing almost all of its popular models in the US, it has blurred the line between foreign and domestic brands to the point that there is no longer a clear delineation. The Honda Civic and Honda Accord vehicles are often segment leaders in sales and have won dozens of awards.

Questionable corporate integrity taints Honda Motors' reputation

As a life-long fan of Honda manufactured utility and automotive products, I find today’s news of Tokyo based Honda Motor Company’s admission of deliberate accident report omissions saddening and more than a bit surprising. What’s happened to Honda’s reputation for first and foremost 'consumer safety first' and corporate integrity?

American Honda Fit not impacted by Japanese recalls and Takata Airbag woes

Takata is not Honda Motor Company. None the less, the possibility of Takata airbag failure or mishap has resulted in no less than 6 million Honda cars and light trucks being recalled to date, and has tarnished Honda’s exceptional reputation for quality and safety.
Honda headquarters Tokyoa

Faulty Takata Airbag casts shadow of doubt over ‘safety first’ Honda Motors

In the wake of Honda’s growing market presence in North America, the rarely faulty Takata airbag casts a shadow of doubt over Honda Motors reputation of benchmark consumer safety program. Honda’s reputation and honor is on the line. We present Honda’s official statement.