Honda News and Reviews

Honda is one of the oldest and most respected Japanese brands in the United States and here you can find the latest Honda news and reviews about Honda vehicles. The news on this page is updated daily. Now manufacturing almost all of its popular models in the US, it has blurred the line between foreign and domestic brands to the point that there is no longer a clear delineation. The Honda Civic and Honda Accord vehicles are often segment leaders in sales and have won dozens of awards.

Stunning 2016 Honda Civic Concept exudes performance attitude

2016 Honda Civic Concept is visually stunning and turbocharged! This designed and built in North America "World Car" offers enough cutting edge performance and tech-driven personal connectivity and active safety features to give the competition a run for the money. We're collectively blown away!

No logic to Euro-Spec Civic hatchback import with 2016 HR-V ready for sale

Granted; the much speculated and long awaited return of a Honda Type-R to North America continues to rock the Civic owner forums. But, with the 2016 Honda HR-V crossover sitting in the wings, and on-shore manufactured turbocharged engines just months away, we digress.

Greatest entry-level hatchback value: 2015 Honda Fit Vs. 2015 Toyota Yaris 5 door

Which manufacturer offers the greatest initial and long-term ownership Value in a sub-compact 5 door hatchback? We look to Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris in a fair comparison of “how much car do I get for my entry-level buying dollar," and, which hatchback may be the smartest choice for me?

Honda Motors remains bullish on zero emissions vehicle development and sales

Parks McCants of TorqueNews.Com recently sat down with Honda’s Jeff Conrad and Angie Nucci to discuss Honda’s short term plans for the development and sales of zero emissions personal transportation. Honda Motors remains bullish on zero emissions vehicle development and sales.

Fun to drive 2015 Honda CR-Z Hybrid may be headed for history

Torque news found Honda’s only 2 seat hybrid surprisingly fun to drive and economical to operate. Unfortunately, with combined U.S. February sales falling below 300 units, the buying public hasn't bit the hook when it comes to CR-Z. Is Honda’s only remaining 2 place sport-hatch headed for history?

2015 Honda IndyCar Aero Kit elevates the art of downforce

IndyCar is a unique animal in the world of auto racing. The playing field remains exceptionally level and winning a race is dependent on the reliability of the engine, fuel conservation and ultimately, driving skill. In walks Honda Power Development with the latest innovation in downforce and drag reduction technology.

Fun to drive 2015 Honda Fit pushes segment performance to higher ground

Honda’s sub-compact 5 door hatchback places a new spin on “throwing a Fit,” as the car buying public drives Fit sales to month over month double digit volume increases. Fit continues to kick proverbial sales butt in a segment crowded with initially affordable alternatives. Could 2015 Fit be that good?