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Come to this section of Torque News to read general Ford news and reviews. The Ford F Series has been the bestselling vehicle in the United States for over three decades and here you will find the latest Ford news and reviews about of Ford models. The Ford brand is far more than just trucks. Models like the Fusion, Focus EV, Taurus, Fiesta, Mustang, Escape and Explorer make Ford a top competitor in pretty much every major automotive segment in both the American and global markets. Torque News reporters update the news on this page about Ford vehicles daily.

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The 1 millionth Ford Mustang built in Flat Rock

Happy 49th Birthday Ford Mustang - 1 million built in Flat Rock

On April 17th 1964, the all-new Ford Mustang was introduced for the very first time at the New York World’s Fair and with today’s 49th birthday celebration – Ford Motor Company has announced that the 1,000,000th Mustang rolled off of the Flat Rock Assembly line 49 years to the day that the Mustang was introduced to the world.
The Ford Fusion

New 1.5L EcoBoost confirmed for 2014 Ford Fusion - with 4 cylinders

Ford Motor Company confirmed today that the 2014 Ford Fusion will indeed be powered by a new EcoBoost engine measuring 1.5 liters but contrary to leaked information that we talked about yesterday that suggested that this new engine would be a 3-cylinder mill – the new 1.5L EcoBoost is actually another 4-cylinder option.
The Ford Fusion EcoBoost NASCAR show car

Leaked info shows that 2014 Ford Fusion will pack 3-cylinder EcoBoost

According to information posted on an enthusiast forum, the 2014 Ford Fusion will feature a new 1.5L 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine that should help the Fusion claim the title of being the most efficient midsized sedan in the US market – while the modern turbocharging technology ensures that there is still plenty of power on tap.
2014 Ford F150 SVT Raptor Special Edition

Ford announces new 2014 F150 SVT Raptor Special Edition

Ford Motor Company has just announced the 2014 F150 SVT Raptor Special Edition in response to requests by prospective customers who want a more exclusive version of the mighty Raptor pickup – adding new exclusive exterior paint options and new side graphics to the most capable factory offroad package on the road today.
The Chevrolet Camaro SS

Camaro leads March 2013 muscle car sales - Challenger posts best month ever

For the third time this year and the ninth time in the last fifteen months, the Chevrolet Camaro was the top dog in the American muscle car segment in March 2013 - outselling the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger even though the Mustang had a strong March and the Challenger posted its best sales month ever.
3Wet Paint graphic courtesy of Ford.

Ford reducing CO2 and VOC emissions with 3-Wet paint process

Traditionally, some of the most environmentally damaging aspects of manufacturing automobiles result from the toxins and CO2 released during the painting process; and Ford’s new 3-Wet approach is reducing energy use, while lessening the noxious chemicals released into the air by auto painting at four more plants around the world.
Jim Farley Exec VP of Global Marketing Sales Service Lincoln

Farley's keynote at NYIAS - shifts in the reshaped post-recession auto industry

Ford Executive Vice President Jim Farley gave the keynote address at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, highlighting the extreme changes the automotive industry in North America has undergone after the "great recession" of 2008; including demographic shifts in buyers, a new focus on fuel economy, and the power of mobile platforms.
The new Mustang 50 Years logo

Ford Mustang 50th birthday logo, mucho apparel coming

April 17th 2014 will mark the 50th birthday of the fabled Ford Mustang and as we are a little over a year from that date – on which we will most likely be introduced to the next generation Mustang – Ford has introduced the “50 Years” Mustang logo that will be found on all sorts of apparel, helping the company celebrate the momentous occasion for the longest running car in American history.
The Saleen Mustang Black Label

The 2014 Saleen Mustang brings big power to five new models

Steve Saleen as his name back and to kick off the 2014 model year for the mighty Saleen Mustang, there are a total of five new Saleen packages that range in output from 440 to 700 horsepower with prices ranging from $39,095 to $82,634 – a spread in price and power that can appeal to a huge range of buyers.
The 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

Ford drops the details on the 2014 Mustang Cobra Jet - including two new colors

Ford Racing has just announced the details on the 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet drag racing package and while there have been no major changes (like the addition of a twin turbocharged V8) – the 2014 Cobra Jet gains a new transmission, a new parachute mount and a pair of new colors including my favorite current Mustang color Gotta Have It Green.