6 Hours of race at the amazing Laguna Seca with the American Le Mans Series

6 Hours Of Racing Pleasure At Laguna Seca With The American Le Mans Series

Starting on a rather fresh and very foggy day, the little Mazda MX5 are already screaming around the unique bends, twists and famed cork screw of the Laguna Seca Raceway. After that it was 6 hours of familiar faces, some returning Aston Martin and Lotus and with a touch of Hollywood with Patrick Dempsey and his team.
The Ferrari Prancing Horse

Ferrari boss confirms hybrid Enzo replacement in 2012

Information has slowly been trickling out about the future existence of a Ferrari Enzo replacement that would pack hybrid power but with the recent first quarter results announcement from the Italian automaker, company Chairman Luca di Montezemolo confirmed not only that there is a “new Enzo” coming with hybrid power at the end of 2012.
The new Ferrari F70 V12 KERS hybrid engine

Official: Ferrari Enzo replacement to be first hybrid model

Earlier this week we brought you the video loosely detailing the new Ferrari V12 hybrid drivetrain believed to be destined for the replacement for the range-topping Enzo and it now appears to be official that when the folks from Maranello unleash the evolutionary model of the Enzo (currently believed to be called the F70) it will indeed be the Italian supercar builders first hybrid model.
The new Ferrari F70 V12 KERS hybrid engine

Ferrari details the new V12 hybrid drivetrain for the Enzo replacement

The opening of the 2012 Beijing Motor Show brought the Chinese market the formal introduction of the new F12 Berlinetta but more importantly for the rest of the world – Ferrari published a three and a half minute video offering some information on the upcoming Ferrari slated to stand as the top of the line supercar, currently known as the F70.
The Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo replacement could pack 920hp

The engineers at Ferrari are reportedly working on a new 7.3L V12 that will make an appearance in a variety of upcoming Italian supercars including the F70 - the model slated to replace the flagship Ferrari Enzo by the end of this calendar year complete with a hybrid drive system and a power output that could creep over the 900hp mark.
The 2012 Ferrari California

Refreshed Ferrari California coming to Geneva

Ferrari has just announced that when the Geneva Motor Show opens in March, the Italian supercar builder will unveil a mid-cycle refresh for the popular Ferrari California that adds power and cuts weight from the high performance hard-topped convertible although the only visual changes will come in the way of new paint types and colors.
AZ12_r205_Lot 258_1991 Ferrari F40 Berlinetta_Photo Credit Darin Schnabel (c) 20

Like new Lee Iacocca Ferrari F40 up for bid

It is the infertile soil the dreams of adolescent males are built upon - so red, so fast, so exotic - surely it will take you places you’ve never been and so desperately want to go! Conceived to commemorate 40 years of Ferrari automobiles during 1986, the Ferrari F40 Berlinetta was the last model namesake Enzo Ferrari lived to see produced, but what a way to make an exit.