Electric Vehicles

Arctic Whisper Electric Bus

Arctic Whisper electric bus charges in 6 minutes, has highly appropriate name

Electric vehicles typically take hours to recharge, but there is one brute-force tactic to get around this problem: lots and lots of power. Sweden’s Arctic Whisper is an all-electric bus that can replenish its battery in 6 minutes, and the maker says even that’s not good enough.
Tesla Roadster

How long will electric vehicle batteries last? Tesla’s Roadster could be a guide

One of the most important questions to the electric vehicle industry does not have a clear-cut answer. However, certain factors such as temperature and charging habits are known to have a great effect and the Tesla Roadster provides intriguing real world data.
Tesla Model S Underbody Shield

Musk - Model S underbody shield would have prevented fire even in violent Mexico crash

Elon Musk recently gave details on the fiery Model S crash in Mexico last year, and it is no small wonder the vehicle caught fire. Even still, Musk claims if that Model S had been outfitted with the current titanium and aluminum underbody shields there would have been no flames.