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Electric vehicles (EVs) have come a long way in a short time. Barely a decade has passed since the ambitious Silicon Valley startup Tesla Motors introduced the world to an electric car capable of traveling more than 300 miles on a single charge. Since then, Elon Musk and Tesla have convinced many dubious onlookers that electric vehicles are not only here to stay, but that they can become the future of transportation.

Other automakers have joined the EV movement at very different rates. The Nissan Leaf, for example, debuted in 2010 and went on to become the best-selling all-electric vehicle in the world for a time. Competition from the BMW i3 followed, as well as the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt and its all-electric successor the Chevy Bolt EV, but only the Tesla Model 3 has been able to steal the Leaf's crown. Heading into a new decade, electric vehicles are set to go from strength-to-strength, with new models like the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV competing in the entry-level category and the Audi e-Tron, Porsche Taycan, or Jaguar I-PACE vying with Tesla at the top end of the market.

With entire classes of vehicle still lacking an electric version, such as pick-up trucks and affordable SUVs, there's huge potential for expansion and growth in the EV marketplace. For now, Tesla is still blazing the trail, but legacy manufacturers are lining up to electrify their fleets and promising startups like Rivian and Byton are waiting in the wings with exciting new electric vehicles.

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Tesla Model S interior

Elon Musk Keeps His Promise As Tesla Ramps Model S/X Production By 50% In A Single Quarter

After stopping Model S & X production back in 2020, Elon Musk had promised Tesla will be back to producing 1000 Model S's a week in the fourth quarter. And now, after the EV maker released Q4 2021 production numbers, we see Elon Musk has kept his promise setting up Tesla for a record-breaking 2022.
Kia Sorento engine temperature gauge

Testing Kia Sorento PHEV Winter Driving Performance: Grocery Getting

The Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is a competent, flexible, efficient sport utility vehicle. But how well does it do in the snow? I tested my new 2022 Sorento PHEV in the most basic of scenarios, wintertime errand running, and I am happy to say that the Sorento PHEV performed very well in this limited test.
Tesla Model 3, Courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla Model 3 Number 1 In Europe Year-to-date, Top 3 In Netherlands In December

Transition to a fully electrified transportation is at full speed in the Netherlands, with a peak 57% of electric cars sold in December. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y were in the top 5 ranking (3rd and 5th respectively), where Volkswagen ID 4 took the first place and Skoda Enyaq the second.
Tesla Giga Berlin

Brandenburg Minister-president Optimistic Tesla Will Receive Final Approval For Giga Berlin Early Next Year

Today Tesla submitted the final paperwork necessary for Giga Berlin's environmental review process. Following this milestone, Brandenburg’s Minister-President Dietmar Woidke says he is hopeful Tesla can begin production early next year.
Tesla Model S, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Mercedes Benz EQXX: Tesla Model S Plaid Direct Competitor To Launch Next Monday

Days before the official presentation of the Mercedes VISION EQXX, the brand has launched a video miniseries on its official YouTube channel through which we will know the details behind the development of this electric car, which will apparently be direct competition for no other than the Tesla Model S Plaid.
Kia Soul, Rio, Stinger and Carnival

Kia Electrified: From the fringes, considering other Kia models’ near term electrification

Kia still sells sub $20k economy cars, a “minivan”, a performance sedan (seriously!), and a quirky tall wagon when other carmakers, for the most part, have abandoned these model types. Sure, Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler still sell minivans too; Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Chevy (at least) still sell under $20k economy cars, and there are other sports sedans and boxy/quirky models out there as well. But will Kia electrify any of these models anytime soon (or in the case of the Soul, “re-electrify”)?
Image showing a Lucid Air parked on a street after delivery.

Lucid's Stock Price Has Fallen By 30% In The Past Month, Despite The Company Taking Steps In The Right Direction

Lucid raised over $2 billion in cash and began trading as part of the Nasdaq-100 Index in December, but was also subpoenaed by the SEC over claims made during the SPAC merger that launched its IPO. All in all, a mixed bag of a month for the fledgling automaker.
Tesla Cybertruck, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Thundertruck, A Tesla Cybertruck Cool First Cousin

Thundertruck is made for outsiders, for those who choose to live and drive outside the proverbial lines, as they put it on their website. By maximizing the versatility of the EV drivetrain and combining it with the functionality of a truck, they’ve designed an innovative and versatile new multi-purpose EV that delivers superior on and off-road performance, competing directly with the Tesla Cybertruck.
Kia K5 and Forte sedans

Kia Electrified: HEV sedans may not round out Kia’s U.S. electrification plans, near term

Kia doesn’t offer electrified versions of any of its sedans in the U.S., while sister company Hyundai offers two: the Elantra and the Sonata hybrids. Might this mean that Kia is more likely to hybridize one or more of its sedans for the U.S. market, in the near future? It seems a distinct possibility considering that Hyundai and Kia are tightly coupled and generally share platforms and technology.