Electric Vehicles

2016 Hyundai Sonata PHEV

27 Miles of Electric Range according to Hyundai for 2016 Sonata

At this point, chalk up another entrant into the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) category and this one is from Hyundai. According to reports, the Hyundai Sonata car has a 27 mile Electric Range before switching over to Hybrid mode. That is very good EV mileage for sure and only two other PHEVs will go further than that one Electric power.
Ford C-Max Energi

Ford Surprise Number 2 in Plug In Electric Sales in 2015

September sales are in for the major Electric Vehicle Manufacturers and many might be surprised at who is leading in the “cars with a plug” category. The number one market leader is Tesla with their Model S sales coming in the year to date at exactly 17,006 which includes the 6 Model X SUVs that rolled off the stage on Wednesday night during the launch party.
Tesla X

Tesla Model X Introductory Party is Tonight With Livestream

Since Elon Musk is looking to change the world, the success of Tesla Model X launch is extremely important. Since the crossover category has such major competitors in it such as the Porsche Cayenne and the Landrover SUVs, this launch will contribute significantly to the success or failure of this company. Here is how to watch the livestream of the Model X launch and where.
Apple electric icar

Rumor Has It Apple To Join Auto Manufacturers By Launching an Electric Car in 2019!

Is Apple's iCar Google next? Is it going to be an autonomous drive? Will this be a winner or a loser? Who will jump into the first car launched by a company that has only been making electronics? This are the questions I have for this long awaited product launch.
Nissan LEAF

Electric Vehicle Owners Why did you get your EV?

Why do you have an Electric Vehicle? You could have been like 99% of the population and got yourself a gas car to drive around in but you are different. You had real reasons to be the early adopters in this niche auto category. You stepped up and jumped into a brand new modern day market. I’m interested in understanding the reasons why.
Ford C Max Energi dashboard mildeage

Can a 20 Mile EV Ford C-Max Energi Battery Deliver 50% Ev Miles?

Based on the USA Governments figures of the average USA driver, he/she drives less than 40 miles a day in his/her car. Well if that is still the truth than the Ford C-Max Energi’s battery pack size of 20 miles should actually deliver 50% of this cars total miles. Is that even possible?

How to Celebrate National Drive Electric Week

Driving the success of these vehicles is more than just a desire to try out the latest technology - they are more energy efficient than traditional, fossil-fuel-powered vehicles, and emit fewer harmful greenhouse gases. Adding to their appeal is the fact that charging an EV typically costs but a fraction of what it would be to fill up with a commensurate amount of gasoline.

Electric car charging DC Fast Charging

DC Fast EV Charging: The key to Future Electric Car Growth?

Anyone with a Nissan Leaf likely knows where every single CHAdeMo DC Fast Charger is to fill up his or her car. At present, there are three Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Standards in the USA and they are Telsa’s proprietary charging system, the Japanese CHAdeMo standard, and the USA’s SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standard.