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"Why did GM go all out with Chevy via the Volt? Yet, Cadillac only gets to try to compete, which is what your comment already implies that they cannot win. I disagree; " As I recall Frank, my comment addressed your idea about a "quantum leap" past the competition (3 Series/A4/C Class). It does not imply anything about Cadillac "only getting to try to compete" or Cadillac not "winning". Those are faulty (or at least premature in the case of "winning") conclusions which you have drawn, I assume, from the ATS press releases and related news articles. Faulty conclusions which apparently gave birth to this mindless, rambling, self-contradicting, blog (or article or review or whatever it is). And you are not helping your case by simply repeating your faulty arguments in all of your replies. Gees, why am I wasting my time on this??