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I agree, Eric, that BMW and Audi are great brands with outstanding engineering; no argument there. They are also ultra-conservative and entrenched. What is missed by most comments here is that this article is not just about competing with BMW and Audi. It is about setting Cadillac as a world standard AGAIN; moreover, as the pinnacle brand of General Motors. And in today's competitive world, GM via Cadillac should be taking every step toward dominance and advancement ahead of everyone including in time. If present GM management doesn't have that kind of agressive focus, then perhaps they need to be replaced, again. What? Bankruptcy taught them no better lessons but to play it safe? That was tried and found to be a failure. Why did GM go all out with Chevy via the Volt? Yet, Cadillac only gets to try to compete, which is what your comment already implies that they cannot win. I disagree; I expect more from GM management; and, yes, they can do more than just compete; and lighter auto bodies aside from engine tech will carry them through for decades. I'm simply stating that the ATS was an opportunity in time. Hopefully there is another that will not be missed; but even the electrification of a Cadillac without a lighter auto body makes no sense in the long run in meeting corporate performance and mandated goals. I suggest visiting the GM Heritage Center. There you will find Cadillac leading the world, not just keeping pace. That's the Cadillac I want to see again; and that's what I want to see for GM.