Car Questions

Auto reporters cover and answer to simple car questions.

Scuderi Group releases results of split-cycle engine simulations

Scuderi Group, LLC today released the results of an extensive vehicle computer study (the Study), which was funded by the Scuderi Group and conducted by an internationally recognized, independent research laboratory. The Study modeled various Scuderi Split-Cycle (SSC) engine designs in a vehicle computer model of a 2011 Nissan Sentra.

OnStar FMV makes Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) its first retail partner

With OnStar FMV Vehicle Selector launching on and Facebook, interest in the retail mirror surges. So, the product is aligning first with Best Buy for retail installation Summer 2011. [Update: Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) stock is still trading below its 200 day moving average and opened a bit higher Wednesday at 30.44]

High CAD training costs still displace unemployed design candidates

Just because a large auto company pays for CAD training for its on-site employees doesn’t mean the price is reasonable. They can write it off. Now ask anyone without a job, but looking to get trained for a new employment opportunity; their lack of cash flow simply cannot handle the costs to maintain skills.

A checklist for finding the right car for you

For most of us, our automobile is our second largest asset and one that should not be taken on lightly. But which car is right for you? Do you want a commuter or a crossover? A hatchback or sedan? An SUV or a truck?

Today's consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to picking a new vehicle, but that also means the selection process can be much more difficult," said John Nielsen, AAA National Director of Auto Buying, Repair and Consumer Information. "There are a myriad of factors to consider, many of which take place long before a buyer ever hits a car lot."