Chevy Code 130R Concept at Chevrolet Display at NAIAS 2012

Chevrolet Displays at NAIAS 2012 Press Preview

Chevrolet displays at NAIAS 2012 Press Preview were plentiful. After all, previous space assigned to Saturn and Olds are gone, but Chevy indeed shows it is capable of filling the space with its host of product offerings and concepts.

This gallery also reflects comments within the article, GM stock reflecting enthusiasm of NAIAS 2012 where there are two videos; one for Cadillac, the other for Chevrolet.

The photo here is of the Chevy Code 130R Concept. In this reporter's opinion, the DNA of the early Chevy Volt can be seen. Do you see the resemblance, too? Not a criticism, just an observation. Maybe this one will make it into production, untouched.

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