2011 EyesOn Design Car Show

As part of the continuing coverage of EyesOn Design, the following gallery reveals many fo the cars and categories at the Father's Day event on the grounds of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. It was great day for car design enthusiasts as well as the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology, for which the benefits were given.

For the record, there were many classes of cars represented, including the following:

A Classic Era
B Collector's Circle
C Independent's Day - Beyond the big Three - Studebaker/Packard
D Independent's Day - Beyond the big Three - Hudson/Nash/Rambler
E Independent's Day - Beyond the big Three - Kaiser/Frazer/Willys
F The Forward Look - Changing the Game
G Extreme Makeovers - Leaping into the Future
H Evolution of the Muscle Car 1960-1972
J Dealer Built Super Cars - A Step Beyond
K The Boss is Back - Boss Mustang 1969-1971
L Evolution of the Tuner Car - Modern Day Muscle 1974-2011
M Stock to Rock; 1928-1959
N British Sports Cars
P Micro Cars
Q Motorcycles
R Scooters & Minis
MK Three of a Kind - The Ford Brothers' Continental MK IIs
DF Designing for the Farm
PV Preserving Vision
VH Lifetime Achievement Award

[All photos and videos by Frank Sherosky, AuthorFrank.com for Torque News]

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I would love to see those British sports cars! Why, I should have been in that car show! Have missed one half of my life.

When is this? I want to attend a car design show because I had a pretty good concept car on my mind. I have designed unique car parts that might caught your attention.