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The Ram Long Hauler Concept makes its grande debut at the 137th Kentucky Derby

Amidst tens of thousands of horse racing fans, the Ram Long Hauler Concept joined the Ram brand's efforts as one of the main sponsors of the world renown horse race.

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There needs to be a grass-roots movement to require a CDL to drive a dually pickup truck. I have nothing against them for a person that really needs one, but requiring a CDL might keep some of the suburban cowboy posers from buying one just because they can.

These things don't fit in a single parking space anywhere in the town I live in. In places where they fit within the lines, they completely fill the space up so their doors have to swing way out into the neighboring space. Such a waste to build a truck designed to suck fuel like an over the road semi truck. Congratulations Dodge :(

Hey Mark,
I just wanted to point out, that a truck of this magnitude has its advantages to posers like me! I get to use 2 parking spaces, I don't need a CDL to drive it, I get to use the gas you saved, i get to put a massive steel bumper on it.