The 2013 Dodge Dart R/T


another disgrace to the Mopar muscle brand 4 door UNSWEEEEEEEET !!! NO RESPECT TO THE REAL DART !!!

I AGREE!!!! they(chrysler and dodge) should have renamed it as the new Neon, or the Colt...very low

I agree, this is just ANOTHER neon and they shouldn't have used the charger rear lights. That belonged to the charger and now some little mini car has them now. And please do something different about the front, they all look the same, I own a challenger r/t thank GOD because that's the only dodge car that doesn't have that stupid grille.

Please stop playing around with the headlights and tail lights and calling it design.
Wear the same suit to work everyday and change your tie, eventually, no one will want to sit next to you in a meeting. you smell.

Love the tail lights, dash looks awesome. i am slowly becoming a dodge guy, last couple of years there have been amazing changes. I agree why does dodge not have 2 door versions of thier cars like honda (civic), ford (focus), hyunda, even kia for crying out loud. really pi$#es me off. the last 10 years i have picked winners and losers for cars based on name, styling, marketing and powertrains. I have been correct nearly 100% of the time. this is a winner too, if priced right.

It looks like a speed bump more then anything on the outside