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The 2012 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition in Tuxedo Black

The 2012 Harley Davidson Edition features Tuxedo Black paint with silver badging and a new snakeskin texture side stripes.

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Forget about the Harley-Davidson name. Make the truck better. Every idiot knows that Haley-Davidson has nothing to do with the truck-make the truck a really great truck!

2000 was the first model year for the Ford - Harley-Davidson trucks. In all, 8,197 Ford Harley trucks were produced for 2000. All trucks had the same configuration: Black monochromatic look, Unique 20" wheels, SuperCab, Flareside, Specially tuned exhaust.Thanks for such good information....

Cool, its indeed a HD revolution. I am a big HD fan and I have always dream of driving one. Harley Davidson India