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Porsche Shows Speed at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

Porsche today showed some speedy cars in action at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 in UK. Then the sports luxury car-maker uploaded some cool pictures on its Facebook page from the Goodwood Festival.

This Porsche GT2 RS, is arguably one of the best shots of this very model. At the time of this story's writing, 1,554 Porsche fans in Facebook have already liked this image. The reader can see the others below.

GoodWood Festival of Speed is a popular auto festival in UK. Visitors can expect to see cars as old as 100 years old. The event is always held in late June or early July to make sure it does not conflict with Formula 1 racing.

The festival is also abbreviated as FoS and referred within the United Kingdom as simply the Festival of Speed. Here you can see Porsche in action.

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Portia! My baby! You've done it again! My baby that I never had! But I always dream of you, Portia!

The Porsche GT2 RS is awesome. I like all of the vehicle advertising Porsche is beginning to do through their facebook page. I've seen car manufacturers advertise their own cars with car wraps. I wonder if Porsche ever thought about doing that to get people to go to their facebook page?

i like to know more about your products.