Auto Sector Stocks

Lean how the stocks in auto sector are doing. This section covers stocks in Auto Manufacturers and Auto Parts sectors.
Day chart late morning snapshot of GM stock

GM stock positive, but not overly reactive to first full-year report

In its first full year as a public company, General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) reported growth in the top and bottom lines, advanced global market share and made strategic investments in brands around the world, but traders know the reaction via the stock’s price dynamics is what counts.
End-of-Day chart for TSLA shows support/resistance levels and the final close.

Tesla stock sells off early despite news of 2013 Tesla Model X, then recovers

The recent announcement of the 2013 Tesla Model X did not shelter Tesla Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq:TSLA) stock from today’s early morning downdraft, but a late morning recovery seems to be in process. Note the long bottoming tail on that latest price bar of the updated daily chart.

EOS Energy Storage proposes zinc-air battery tech for greater EV acceptance

In a TorqueNews exclusive interview, Steve Hellman, president of EOS Energy Storage, a fairly new entity in the grid storage arena with a viable zinc-air battery technology, is also proposing zinc-air as a viable solution to the four limitations that shackle today’s electrification of the automobile. Thus, the company is looking for strategic partners in 2012.
No mention of Zinc-air at the The Battery Show 2011

Will zinc-air batteries ever replace lithium-ion for long-range EVs?

The public has spoken and the message is clear: an innovative and cost-effective approach to energy storage is required to enable the transformation from IC engine cars to cleaner, long-range, full electric vehicles. Lithium-ion, although viable, has a competitor on the horizon - Zinc-air. Question is: When?
Lane Departure Warning (LDW) is just one of the many safety systems by Bosch

Bosch multiple safety systems reduce crashes, saves lives

Estimates show that nearly 90 percent of all crashes are caused by driver error, making advanced safety systems an important focus for automakers and governing agencies. Bosch offers a plethora of active and passive safety technologies, including driver-assistance functions that can help reduce the number of accidents and save lives.
Anything smaller does not meet family size requirements - NAIAS 2012 Display

Why the average age of vehicles in America keeps rising

With the NAIAS 2012 in its public viewing stage, Polk’s analysis of national vehicle registration data shows the average age of light vehicles has steadily increased since 1995, though more rapidly in the past five years. Question: Besides government political pressure and marketing self deception, is there a list of criteria by the public that the automakers need to take more seriously?