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Lean how the stocks in auto sector are doing. This section covers stocks in Auto Manufacturers and Auto Parts sectors.
GM Chevy Volt propulsion technology at 2011 NAIAS

GM needs more IC engine tech than BMW rumor has to offer for Volt propulsion

Despite an unconfirmed rumor set off by Der Spiegel Online that General Motors and the German automaker BMW are seeking some sort of cooperative arrangement with IC engine and electric propulsion, probability seems high, logical on the surface, but less of a win-win, at least for GM.

GM, Ford and Toyota stock downtrends enforce need for trader mentality

Despite all the news by President Obama, the FOMC and the government committing to more fiscal stimulus, many auto sector stock investors in GM, Ford and Toyota have taken a hard hit with lower highs and lower lows, and are now left in a quandary: Who is best qualified to deal with this kind of market uncertainty, buy & hold investors or short-term traders?

Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine achieves 65 MPG under simulation study

Scuderi Group today released findings from a computer simulation study conducted by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), an internationally recognized, independent research laboratory, measuring the performance of the Scuderi Engine modeled against the European class of “high economy” vehicles.

Split-cycle engine technology to challenge EVs and hybrids

Contrary to modern belief and all the canned reports by many automotive media types that electrification is the only way to maximize automobile efficiency, the demise of the internal combustion engine is extremely exaggerated, especially as split-cycle engine technology comes of age and challenges the high costs of EVs and hybrid cars.

2012 Toyota Camry launch not saving Toyota stock from three major price gaps

While the hope of the nation rests in the decisions or indecisions of the Fed at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so does the hopes and dreams of auto sector investors that the 2012 Toyota Camry will help Toyota stock get its mojo back and retrace three major price gaps in its recent trading.

Toyota stock investors look forward to flawless launch of 2012 Camry

While TN writers, Patrick Rall and Hawke Fracassa, cover the automotive details of the 2012 Camry official launch today, Toyota stock investors await news of media and public reaction whether it be one of giant acceptance or disappointment as they look forward and hope for the car's success.

Michele Bachmann fails to deliver how she would achieve 2 dollar gasoline

If the auto stock sector was looking for help in today's market sell-off, they certainly did not get much from Michele Bachmann, GOP presidential hopeful, who blamed President Obama for increasing gas prices, and said she would change that by reducing gasoline to $2 per gallon, but without a clear plan.