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Story of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution the end of a Japanese icon

In 1992, a brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution arrived in Mitsubishi dealerships. It was a fish out of water in a busy public traffic jam, but it’s a deer through the woods on a rally course. 19 years and ten versions later Mitsubishi has decided to stop production of its Rally Champion.

Landfill methane may be the next alternative fuel

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been promoting the Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP), to reduce methane emissions from landfills and encourage the beneficial use of landfill gas (LFG) as an energy resource. A company called Team Energy is now working with the City of St. Cloud FL to recover LFG from a closed landfill and convert it to natural gas for use in cars and trucks next year.

Charging the Nissan Leaf with solar power

His motives are as transparent as the California sky on a typical day, but Michael Powers is brilliantly marketing his solar power company by installing his products on his own home to show their practicality in charging his Nissan Leaf from power produced completely without any emissions. Powers is Co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Stellar Solar in Encinitas.

Forget the Hybrids, how about 75 MPG Diesels

Gasoline prices in parts of Europe are currently at $9 a gallon. I think it's safe to say that if those prices were ever to reach the United States, it would feel like the sky fell on our heads. With prices that astronomical, you would think that the streets of Europe would be littered with Toyota Priuses, Honda Insights and Chevrolet Volts. However, instead of embracing Hybrids, the Europeans have turned to an old automotive friend, the Diesel engine.

New idea in airbags: 'roof airbags' unveiled by TRW

TRW has unveiled a new concept in airbags, the "roof airbag." No, it's not an airbag intended to keep you in your seat during a rollover, though it does inflate from the roof of the car. It's simply a place to put the front-impact airbag somewhere other than the dash. And it's not just a concept but will, says TRW, be coming in at least one future model a major European car manufacturer's cars.

Senator Alexander says unused electricity should be used to plugin cars

"A conservative estimate is that we have an amount of electricity unused at night that’s equal to the output of 65 to 70 nuclear power plants between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.," Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) stated before the Senate Energy and National Resources Committee. “I suspect that’s probably our greatest unused resource in the United States. If we were to use that to plug in cars and trucks at night, we could electrify 43 percent of our cars and trucks without building one new power plant.”

Ford to invest 350 million in a Chinese transmission plant with serious capacity

Ford, in collaboration with its Chinese partners, is building its first transmission plant in China in support of the company's aggressive growth plan in the world's largest auto market. Ford's passenger vehicle joint venture in China, Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Ltd. (CFMA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the transmission plant project today with the Municipal Government of Chongqing.

Tesla announces creation of recharging network across England

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors has announced a partnership with UK hotels and tourist sites to install High Power Charging (HPC) stations, comprised of ten EV power outlets throughout Great Britain. A Tesla Roadster will be the first modern electric vehicle to cross Great Britain in a historic road trip May 21.

German Tesla owner reaches 100,000 km on his Roadster

Hansjorg von Gemmingen, who bought the 83rd Tesla Roadster sold in Europe, has crossed the 100,000-kilometer, zero-emissions threshold - the greatest distance traveled by any Tesla vehicle to date. Von Gemmingen drives it daily, charging nightly with just a standard household outlet, proving the electric Roadster functions as a daily commuter while not looking like an ordinary car at all.

Stock Chart of the Day: LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) IPO trades with full volatility and a 93.86 close

Although LinkedIn's initial public offering price was raised from the initial $32 to $35 range to $45 a share, the stock ticker LNKD soared above that on the open at $83.00 on the New York Stock Exchange. [Market Close Update: LNKD hit a high of $122.69, corrected and closed at $93.86]

LaHood on Nissan Lithium-Ion: I'm so thrilled to see the progress Nissan is making

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood toured the construction site where Nissan is building an advanced lithium-ion battery plant yesterday. The facility, the largest in the country making lithium-ion batteries for automotive use, will fabricate battery packs for the Nissan LEAF, notably the world's first mass-market, all-electric vehicle.

GM believes future of transportation is electric, builds 1st electric car plant

When completed during 2013, the General Motors electric motor plant near Baltimore will be the first facility of a major U.S. automaker focused on making the critical components for electric vehicles. Further a solar array will provide up to nine percent of the power needed for the existing two-mode hybrid and heavy-duty transmission building.

Working only solution for auto workers, Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies implies

Reading between the lines of the recent survey by Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, entitled "The New Retirement: Working", how will auto workers who perform physical labor and the auto companies who provide the jobs meet the challenge of a higher retirement age when the auto industry does not support working longer?