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General Motors Venture LLC to invest $6 million in Protera Inc.

As part of a $30 million package to commercialize technology, including a rapid-charging transit system and other next-generation technologies that support innovation in the global transportation industry, General Motors Ventures LLC will inject $6 million, a 20 percent of the total stake in Proterra Inc., a leading maker of zero-emission commercial transit buses.

Subaru WRX STI breaks 21-year record on Isle of Man track

Race driver Mark Higgins logged an all-time fastest lap by averaging 115.356 mph June 10 on the iconic Isle of Man TT Mountain Course. Higgins was driving a US spec 2011 Subaru WRX STI. The former record of 100 mph remained unchallenged for 21 years. His lap took 19 minutes 37 seconds with the WRX STI hitting speeds in excess of 162 MPH on the varied elevation course.

GM to offer an auto trans, performance traction system on Camaro ZL1

While speaking at the Camaro homecoming at the Oshawa production facility, the lead man for the Camaro offered a few choice comments on the upcoming 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, including the fact that the super muscle car will feature the performance traction management system from the Corvette ZR- along with an automatic transmission and even more horsepower.

Pike Research says Stop-Start technology enables less fuel consumption at lower cost than full hybrids

Call them what you will, but stop-start vehicles (SSV) that go by the names of micro hybrids and idle-stop vehicles enable gasoline engines to turn off when vehicles are slowed down or stopped. The net effect per Pike Research is up to 10% less fuel consumption, less emissions and at a cost lower than full hybrids.

NHTSA Director stands squarely in the path to progress

The chief of the National Highway Traffic Safety Association showed his concern for the drivers of America at the annual 2011 Detroit Telematics Conference by stating, “A car is not a mobile device.” In so doing he also revealed a nebulous grasp of the industry’s current direction and the importance of technology currently under development to the future of transportation in the U.S. and beyond.

The continuing quest to covert automotive heat to electric power

It’s a simple concept with broad ramifications: combustion engines lose a lot of the energy in the fuel they burn to radiant heat, which in theory can be converted back to electricity by appropriately placed thermoelectric devices. Thus, heat in the engine compartment and exiting via the tailpipe could be redirected to recharge the battery and run the lights, wipers, steering and computer systems that make modern cars safer.

Ford, Safety Leaders working to bring intelligent vehicles to market

Dr. Andre Seeck, president and chairman of the European New Car Assessment Programme, is visiting with Ford as the company works with global safety officials to create standards for intelligent vehicles that will eventually talk to each other, reducing crashes and congestion. Ford is working with other automakers and governments worldwide to create a common language so vehicles can talk to each other on a common communication standard.

Safety advocacy group demands recall of 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Center for Auto Safety is demanding that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration force the Chrysler Group to recall all Jeep Grand Cherokee models from the 1993 through 2004 model years – claiming that these vehicles post a significantly high risk of fire in the event of a rear-end collision.