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More aluminum making its way into cars annually

Part of the U.S. auto industry’s rebound from the global recession is based on the greater use of aluminum in American built vehicles and as federally-mandated fuel efficiency requirements kick in the amount of the light weight metal used can only increase. Automotive manufacturing rose by 38 percent during 2010 and continues to grow at a rate of 11 percent over last year during 2011.

39 million drivers on highways this Independence Day

That estimate might be under the actual number, however, due to the lull in gas prices and the Presidential announcement of the release of national reserves to hold prices down. AAA’s projection of 39 million drivers venturing at least 50 miles from home is down 2.5 percent from 2010. The holiday weekend projections covers Thursday, June 30 to Monday, July 4.

Detroit 2.011 Autobeat Insider Conference addresses auto industry's new best practices

The past three years have transformed the global auto industry in ways that insiders know have redefined the “rules” for auto industry success. Today’s inaugural Autobeat Insider Conference, Detroit 2.011 at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan, focused on emerging best practices.

Is Sally trading her Mustang for a scooter?

Despite the current lull in gas prices and the government’s recently announced actions to keep prices low and stimulate the economy, the Motorcycle Industry Council has announced sales of motor scooters jumped 49.6 percent during the first three months of 2011. Inside info from Allstate Insurance suggests female buyers may be leading this trend. Almost three times more women requested quotes for scooter insurance in 2010 versus men.

Summer's high time to guard against vehicle theft

Summer is prime time for vehicle theft, with July and August ranking as the months with the most auto theft incidents of the year. July 4th has the dubious distinction of ranking #3, according to the latest FBI data, of holidays with the highest reports of auto theft. Theft protection authorities caution consumers to not grow complacent about the security of their vehicles by not using common sense to protect themselves from becoming victims of this insidious crime. reports roadsters reaping summer discounts right now

Summer is at its wondrous glory and nothing compares to a drive in the open air in a fine convertible automobile – at least for some. Right now several manufacturers have their hard or soft-top “decapotables” going for a discounted price, in some cases up to 11 percent. If you apply that to a BMW 3 series roadster, that can add up to nearly $5,000, but deals are also to be found on less expensive, higher mileage models.
2012 Toyota Prius V cargo room

Cargo room is king on 2012 Toyota Prius v

Toyota has a lot riding on its old standby, the Prius. But it's hardly a risk. The best-selling hybrid car in the world might be 14 years old, but as the Prius name gets older, the 2.1 million-plus people who keep buying it are saying with their wallets that it's getting better. And for 2012 there's a new choice: Three versions, so far, of the Prius v, which is big on cargo space and stingy on fuel consumption.
Car racer

Funny Video: Drag racer loses something important at 200mph

When you go racing, you need everything to be perfect. You need to have the proper amount fuel, the correct number of wheels and even a device to steer whatever contraption you're attempting to race. In fact, many race teams take untold hours to make sure no bolt is left un-torqued and no tire is left uninflated.

Ford and Maritz Research studies concur - fuel economy is key to new vehicle purchases decisions

If the industry truly believes the Ford and Maritz Research studies that fuel economy is truly key to vehicle purchase decisions, then why does the auto industry still dole out its engine technologies in measure, especially with the 2016 government mandates hanging over their heads?