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Porsche GT3

Madison Snow, 15, wins 2011 IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge

Madison Snow, at just 15-years-old, drove his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup over the finish line to victory, and won the 2011 International Motor Sports Association GT3 Cup Challenge at the series’ stop at Laguna Seca this year. Snow doesn’t even have a driver’s license yet; however, he does have more talent than many race car drivers double his age.

Sporty 2012 Toyota Venza is ready to drive

Toyota (NYSE:TM) has simplified the Venza for 2012, offering the cute as a button car in LE, XLE and Limited models instead of complicating things with an army of option packages. The 2011 Venza, whose MSRP starts at $27,125 and is still available in some Toyota showrooms, offers one trim level that can be equipped with options galore and is such a good value it was named to the current NADAguides "recommended buy" list today.

Chrysler takes a back seat to Ford as UAW shifts gears

So much for a quick settlement: Contract negotiations between the UAW and Chrysler Group LLC have been extended to Oct. 19, both sides of the talks said this evening. Last week's extension of the 2007 contract expired today. Just as quickly as the UAW was announcing today's extension with Chrysler, it issued a short statement saying Ford Motor Co. would move ahead of Chrysler and be up next in the negotiation rotation.
hummer h3

UAW-GM contract lets General Motors axe truck plant after 30-year run

The UAW-General Motors contract has most of the rank and file optimistic about the state of GM, but their jubilance is tempered by the official shutdown of a factory in Shreveport, La. Closing Shreveport Operations for good was the "saddest part" of negotiations, UAW negotiator Joe Ashton told reporters today.

Teen driving expenses taking a back seat to the economy

Teen drivers are finding their automotive allowance cut back as 60 percent of American parents whose teens currently hold a license plus 46 percent of ALL parents say the economy has forced them to cut back on either saving for or spending on their kid's driving, including the cost of a vehicle and other related expenses, according to a survey by Allstate.

UAW-GM contract: What the UAW didn't get for its auto workers from GM

The new contract for auto workers between the UAW and General Motors Co. should get ratified in record time and by an overwhelming margin because the UAW got a lot from GM: At least 6,400 more union jobs, job security, more products to build, plant reopenings, auto workers' first raises in eight years and $5,000 profit-sharing checks. But there were some people who didn't benefit from this four-year contract.
Rolls Royce Motor Cars

Belgian auto enthusiasts make pilgrimage to Rolls Royce in classic cars

Over 100 Belgian auto enthusiasts, including the drivers of 30 vintage vehicles and their passengers, arrived at the home of Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Inc. last Monday, thus completing a six-day roadtrip that began six days ago, traveling from Kortrijk through Beaulieu to the Rolls Royce offices in Goodwood.
The logos of the UAW and General Motors

A look at the most important terms of the new UAW/GM contract

The new contract between General Motors and the UAW is all but set in stone and while the Ford contract talks have been the main interest of the media due to their capacities to strike, GM has become the first American automaker to secure their future with the UAW – the major terms of which we will look at right now.
The Toyota logo of the 2011 Prius

Toyota closes 11 plants due to typhoon, joins Nissan and Mitsubishi

Toyota Motor Corp has announced that like Nissan and Mitsubishi, it will close 11 plants in Japan earlier than usual today (Wednesday September 21st) with a major typhoon bearing down on the Japanese coastline – a move likely based in part on the massive amounts of damage done by the tsunami that devastated Japan earlier this year.

Brazil to encourage local car manufacturing as China feels the pressure

Chinese auto-makers, who export their vehicles, are feeling the pressure from Brazil’s auto import substitution policy, which may accelerate Chinese plans to make cars locally in brazil. The positive factor is that Brazil will most likely be able to establish more stability for local manufacturing in the world’s fifth largest auto market.