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A sneak peak at the Chevrolet Camaros coming to the 2011 SEMA Show

General Motors announced earlier this week that their small cars will have a major presence at the 2011 SEMA Show but the bread and butter of GM’s performance history is their V8 powered performance cars – some of which we get a preview of today in the form of the four Chevrolet Camaro models below.
Small Parts Inc. was well represented at The Battery Show 2011 in Novi, MI

Small Parts Inc. shows metal stamping capability at The Battery Show 2011

There have always been metal stamping companies in America’s industrial complex, but not all are adept at stamping parts and making custom assemblies at the same time. Small Parts Inc. showed enough of its capabilities at The Battery Show 2011 in Novi, Michigan to prove it is a company who can.
See the Mini Cooper Coupe Prepare to Launch float in the NYC Halloween parade.

Mini Cooper Coupe launch going where no car has gone before

The Mini Cooper Coupe is the latest in the long line of vehicles well known for their movie and/or marketing stunts. Now they are going where no car has gone before with a Space Shuttle themed marketing campaign and a float that will be featured in the New York City Village Halloween Parade. The promotion is called “Prepare for Launch,” (with the tongue-in-cheek post script: ”Hold on!”).
1926 Marmon will be at 2011 Seattle Auto Show

2011 Seattle Auto Show Features LeMay Auto Museum Classic Cars Nov. 2-6

With its opening less than eight months away, LeMay – America's Car Museum returns to the Seattle Auto Show with three outstanding cars, including a a 1926 Marmon – fresh off the Pebble Beach Motoring Classic – a 1972 El Camino and a recently acquired A-1 Grand Prix Team USA Lola Formula Car.
2011 Ford Explorer

Ford's new MyKey designed to modify bad teen driving behavior

Ford’s MyKey technology will have a new feature added to SYNC so parents (who have enough to worry about when they hand their keys to a teenager) can block incoming phone calls and deter text messages while teens are behind the wheel. This will make the Do Not Disturb feature, available on all 2011 vehicles with SYNC and MyFord Touch, available as a parental control through MyKey when the new Explorer rolls out in early 2012.
The 2011 Dodge Challenger V6 Rallye

Chrysler posts $13.1 billion revenue in Q3, $212 million profit

Just one day after the United Auto Workers announced that their workers had voted (sort of) to ratify the new 4-year labor contract with the Chrysler Group, Chrysler has announced their financial results for the 2011 Q3 – showing revenue of $13.1 billion and a profit of $212 million while moving almost a half million vehicles around the world.

German study finds next generation spending less time behind the wheel

In the land that gave us BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the Volkswagen, a new study has discovered the next generation of German youth are driving less and riding public transit more. It is believed, nevertheless, they are not eschewing personal mobility for a greener lifestyle but delaying one of life’s more expensive purchases until after college, just as American students are worrying about paying off their student loans.
The logos of the UAW and the Chrysler Group

The UAW ratifies Chrysler contract despite voting split

Earlier today we brought you the news that the two main groups within Chrysler’s assembly of UAW workers – the production workers and skilled trade workers – had split on whether or not to ratify the new 4-year deal between the labor union and the Chrysler Group but after a brief period of discussion among union officials, the UAW has approved the new contract.
The Newton eTrans, America's first all-electric shool bus

America's First All-Electric School Bus Newton eTrans

Smith Electric Vehicles, in conjunction with school bus manufacturer Trans Tech Bus, has unveiled the nation's first all-electric, zero-emissions school bus deemed Newton eTrans. The vehicle had its debut at the National Association for Pupil Transportation's Annual Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. America’s first all-electric school bus is available for order today and will be ready to ship early in 2012.
The logos of the UAW and the Chrysler Group

Chrysler UAW workers split, new contract in jeopardy

The UAW has been careful to not publish any sort of official results of the current voting process under way for the new 4-year Chrysler contract but reports suggest that with nearly all local branches around the US having turned in their results; production workers have voted in favor of the new deal while skilled trade workers have voted against the new contract.
The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

The 2013 diesel powered Chevy Cruze will be built in Lordstown, Ohio

General Motors will become the first American automaker to offer a diesel powered passenger vehicle when the 2013 Chevrolet Cruze debuts with the new diesel engine option and when those new oil-burning Cruze sedans reach dealerships, they will all be built in the company’s Lordstown, Ohio Assembly Plant.

Armoring Auto Shop busted by units of the Mexican Army

An auto shop used to bulletproof vehicles for drug gangs was raided by Mexican troops yesterday, according to a report by Adriana Gomez Licon with ABC News today. Ten people were taken into custody and10 vehicles currently being converted to armored, bulletproof status. Six other reinforced vehicles were found warehoused in the state of Sinaloa and were also confiscated by the army personnel.

San Juan Police working to thwart auto theft by Mexican Drug Cartels

Police in San Juan think a sticker is a good start to preventing your car from being stolen and going across the border into Mexico for incidious purposes. The program is designed not only to protect property, but also to keep stolen vehicles out of the hands of drug cartels south of the border.