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Maybach 125 57 S

Maybach impresses with anniversary Edition 125! plus 57 and 62 models at Frankfurt

Maybach has models such as the Daimler, that seem to sit in a class of its own, and the brand offers car enthusiasts an exceptional and atypical vehicle of high quality and uniqueness – and a steep price ticket to boot. Well, Maybach is adding to their collection with the exciting new Edition 125! vehicle which they showed off at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Chicago goes green, buys 80 natural gas Chevrolets for city fleet

The city of Chicago has ordered 80 natural gas-powered vans and trucks from Advantage Chevrolet in Hodgkins, Ill. The contract awarded by the city asks Advantage to supply one of America's largest urban centers with up to 40 compressed natural gas-powered Chevrolet Express vans and up to 40 CNG-powered Chevy Silverado pickup trucks.

Vancouver Sun: Canadians, Americans denied sweetest fruit on the automotive tree

The 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show had the best of the best in show of most every brand, model and make of automobiles out there. What became clear to many is that most Americans and Canadians could only afford the European brand cars, which excludes them from most of the exotics that were featured at the show in Germany.
A look at the Motor Village tower overlooking highway 110

Chrysler to sell gorgeous Motor Village LA dealership due to controversy

When the Chrysler Group had their gala grand opening at the new Motor Village dealership in Los Angeles last year, their vision for the next generation of five-brand Chrysler dealerships became a reality but due to a handful of angry local dealers backed by California law, Chrysler will sell the Motor Village to Hollywood-based New Century Automotive Group.