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Obama: 'I didn't run for president to get into the auto business'

President Obama spoke to 400 auto workers and Chrysler Group executives and random people Friday in Toledo. He used $20 bills from his pocket to spur the local economy by buying everything from gardening gloves to hot dogs to Faygo red pop. He listened intently and spoke forthrightly of the resurgence of the auto industry. What follows is the complete text of his prepared remarks.

Broward County: South Florida judge rules that officers can no longer issue tickets for running red lights

According to the St. Petersbug Times, a Broward County judge has ruled this week that police officers cannot cite drivers for running red lights. Will this end all red-light cameras? Or put them on every corner?

Audi releases photos of the punch-me-in-the-face awesome R8 GT Spyder

The Audi R8 coupe has always been such a serious super car. It truly is the type of car that a humorless German businessman would drive. Today, however, we have discovered that the most austere super car in the world has a twin that nobody knew about (officially), until now. Introducing the R8 GT Spyder.

Nissn Leaf NISMO RC joins other electric sports and race cars at Le Mans Ver Le Futur

The Nissan Leaf NISMO RC, the battery-electric race car version of Nissan's battery electric Leaf, is going to run at this year's Le Mans. But don't worry about long extension cords or lengthy pit stops to recharge the battery, the Leaf NNISMO RC will be making only a demonstration performance at Le Mans Vers Le Futur.

T3 Motion makes $309,000 Mexican ESV sale

We introduced you to T3 Motion, Inc., in April as one of the new companies competing to bring a wider array of electric passenger vehicles to the market. Today the producer of clean, green tech solutions announced a $309,000 order for their T3 Series Electric Stand-up Vehicles (ESV) to be supplied to law enforcement agencies and security companies in Mexico.

Ford investing $100 million in robotic quality control

Ford is investing $100 million globally in robotic plant laser inspection to enhance the accurate fit of parts and reduce wind noise beginning with the highly popular 2012 Ford Focus and Explorer models. Their highest volume facilities, including the Chicago and Michigan Assembly Plants along with the Saarlouis, Germany Ford plant, will use the technology to fabricate a more accurate door panel fit. The laser vision technology is part of an effort to achieve leadership in customer satisfaction.

Enthusiasts can't stop looking at the stylish MINI Countryman

Potential buyers can't keep their eyes off of the 2011 MINI Countryman, which was chosen Thursday as NADAguides' Car of the Month for June. The vehicle pricing and information guide chose the Countryman because of its growing popularity with the public as well as for its fuel efficiency, sportiness, roominess, bucket-seat styling and safety features.

Ford announces new 1.0L 3-cylinder engine and 8-speed transmission

Ford Motor Company has made it very clear that EcoBoost technology is a major part of their drivetrain future and today, the newest member of the EcoBoost family was announced with the news that Ford would soon offer a global 1.0L, 3-cylinder engine along with an 8-speed transmission.

Obama wants to see auto industry resurgence for himself

President Obama will be in Toledo for about five hours on Friday to meet auto workers and to talk about the importance of keeping the auto industry strong. His itinerary includes a 1:05 p.m. tour of the Chrysler Group LLC’s Toledo Supplier Park and an opportunity to talk with the people who assemble the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro.