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CSR Wi-Linx to show Telematics Detroit 2011 how to turn cars into rolling Wi-Fi hot spots

Just before the opening of Telematics 2011 in Detroit, CSR plc. (LSE: CSR) announced the availability of Wi-Linx, a software module for the CSR6000 family of Wi-Fi chips that makers of in-vehicle infotainment systems can use to add Wi-Fi hot spot, Wi-Fi client and Bluetooth 3.0+HS capabilities to any vehicle.

The 10 most unlucky makes & models on the market

It’s a simple fact – some makes and models of vehicles report a higher percentage of accidents and insurance claims than others. While these rarely are caused by mechanical breakdown, if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these it might be a good idea to examine your driving habits – the statistics really say more about the drivers than the vehicles.

Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, San Jose best places to park our cars

The International Parking Institute on Tuesday chose a dozen outstanding parking places in North America by handing out its 2011 Awards of Excellence. The best places to park, experts are saying, are in Illinois, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California and Saskatchewan.

Gotcha! Mayors eye cams to catch drivers who run red lights, have a need for speed

The nation's mayors will meet in Baltimore June 17-20 to discuss issues of shared importance, including the value of creating natural gas vehicle fleets, how to improve transportation in America and nurturing economic development. One topic sure to capture everyone's attention is a Transportation Committee proposal to consider purchasing cameras whose job will be to catch speeders and people who run red lights.

Chrysler announces management changes along with SRT brand

Chrysler has just announced that the Street and Racing Technology division will be split off into its own cross-brand unit, moving former Dodge brand CEO Ralph Gilles to the head the new high performance brand but along with this move, Chrysler has made a handful of other management changes with an impact across North America.

Aston Martin Rapide production will move from Austria to the U.K. in 2012

Production of the Aston Martin Rapide will move to the U.K. in the second half of 2012 after having been built in Austria since reaching full production in 2010. Aston Martin's four door sports car has been built by Magna Steyr because it lacked sufficient production capability of its own.

Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) goes solar route to power its England plant

Has the earthquake and tsunami forced Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) to rethink it relationship to the power grid? According to the BBC, thousands of solar panels are now being installed at Toyota's Derbyshire manufacturing plant in a bid to bypass the grid, cut bills and save energy.

Mazda will move Mazda6 production to Japan, but not soon and sales will continue

Contrary to rumors, the Mazda Mazda6 isn't going away, but it is going away, or at least it will be coming from far away. Mazda North American Operations announced today that the next generation of Mazda6 for North America will be built in Japan rather than the AutoAlliance International (AAI) factory in Flat Rock, Michigan. A Mazda representative, however, flatly denied rumors that the Mazda Mazda6 would be dropped from the North American market.

Chrysler may sell the LA Motor Village

Due to some legal sour grapes by some California Chrysler brand dealerships, the Chrysler Group may be forced to sell their stake in the spectacular Motor Village dealership in LA which features the company’s plans of having all five brands under one roof with salon style accessory and aftersales offerings joining the sales, service and parts for every vehicle under the Chrysler umbrella.

Fiat offers Canadian govt $125 million for their final stake in Chrysler

When Fiat SpA announced that they intended to purchase the final 6.6% of Chrysler owned by the US federal government, it was expected that the Italian automaker would also pursue the final 1.7% owned by the Canadian federal and provincial government and now we have the first reports of Fiat’s offer to the Canadian governments.

Oregon DOT chooses AeroVironment (Nasdaq: AVAV) for Level 3 fast EV charging stations

This is the beginning of the “Green Highway,” a vision for safe and consistent charging infrastructure spanning the West Coast, allowing EV drivers to travel with confidence from San Diego to Vancouver, B.C; and AeroVironment (Nasdaq: AVAV) will be the company to provide its DC Fast Charging Stations.

High gas prices have forced half of America to cut back

Memorial Day ushered in various activities marking the start of summer. Among these you will find the first cookouts of the year, swimming pool openings and thoughts of summer vacations. It also means the summer driving season and higher gas prices are having an impact. Fifty-one percent of American auto owners say they have cut their budget to pay the added cost of transportation.

Obama: 'I didn't run for president to get into the auto business'

President Obama spoke to 400 auto workers and Chrysler Group executives and random people Friday in Toledo. He used $20 bills from his pocket to spur the local economy by buying everything from gardening gloves to hot dogs to Faygo red pop. He listened intently and spoke forthrightly of the resurgence of the auto industry. What follows is the complete text of his prepared remarks.