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Ford Escort PTU has easy access for maintenance.

Ford Escape Power Transfer Unit (PTU) Fluid Servicing is an Easy DIY Garage Project

Are you the owner of a Ford Escape and looking to save yourself a significant amount of money and headache? Then you really need to consider changing the fluid on your Escape’s PTU as on easy DIY maintenance job that you can do at home in your garage or driveway to avoid eventual disaster. Read along and watch an informative video that takes you step-by-step through this maintenance procedure.
Basic and advanced dead battery maintenance techniques

Car Battery Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement With This Ultimate Guide

How do you tell if a battery cell has gone bad as opposed to the battery simply having lost some of its charge because your car has not been driven in a while? Discover the answer to this and other questions from a highly recommended ultimate guide on how to maintain, test and replace your car battery with nothing more than some simple tools and an inexpensive multimeter. Plus, a few caveats many car owners are not always aware of when testing batteries using a multimeter.
Changing transmission fluid without removing the transmission oil pan

Easy and Correct Way to Change Your Transmission Fluid Without Removing the Pan

Contrary to what car manufacturers and dealers are saying, newer model cars actually need a transmission fluid change every 30,000 miles says this popular YouTube channel mechanic. Here’s why and how you can do it yourself without having to remove the transmission fluid pan.
SUV 2021 AMG GLC43

2021 AMG GLC 43 SUV Review: Frim Ride, Lots of Confidence

That Mercedes is a brand whose cars have a high price is nothing new, whether they are expensive or not in relation to what they offer is another matter. However, what's interesting is that the company's best-selling model GLC, a mid-size SUV with a $71,000 price, is well ahead of other range colleagues, such as the GLB or the CLA. Here we are taking a look at the GLC43 SUV and what it offers.
Car Maintenance Basics

Common Car Maintenance Mistake Owners Make When Diagnosing Their Car’s Engine Problems

Can you spot the mistake in the engine image above that is a sign of a common car maintenance mistake owners often make when working on their car engine problems? Read on to discover if you are correct, and find out what was the unusual mystery source of the real problem behind this engine that some owners face with their Toyota and other makes of cars.
Having the right leased car is profitable for buyback deals

Which Leased Vehicles Offer the Most Profit in Buyback Deals? The Answer May Surprise You.

You could see an increase in your leased vehicle’s value by as much as $10,000. Find out now the top ten buyback breadwinners and which of the 8 body styles are the most profitable for lessees who buy their leased vehicle at the end of their lease term.