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Rick Hendrick pays $225,000 for the first Chevy Volt

Yesterday morning, we brought you the news of the charity auction for the first public-issued 2011 Chevy Volt closing for an impressive $225,000 and today, GM announced that NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick was the man willing to shell out almost a quarter million dollars for the first electric-powered GM production sedan.

DOE announces up to $184M for advance vehicle research and development

Lest you think the government is cutting back on spending, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced today the Department of Energy (DOE) is accepting applications for up to $184 million over three to five years to accelerate the development and deployment of new efficient vehicle technologies.

Ford supports kinetic design of 2012 Focus with boron steels

All automotive design studios develop themes by which their entire line of autos share, and often do so for many years until a new, fresher theme replaces it. In the language of Ford speak, “kinetic” design intends to capture the feeling of energy in motion, so much that cars look like they are moving even when they are standing still.

GM offering new retirement packages, while hiring new engineers

While offering a new round of early retirement packages to skilled trades, GM is also attempting to hire more engineers to replace the brain drain of the last two years. This latest offer appears to be focused solely on adjusting its North American manufacturing staff since emerging from bankruptcy on July 10 last year.

Mecum Kissimmee Auction Will Feature Cobra Dragonsnake, Drag Cars

It's not too late to tell Santa Claus you've been a really good boy this year - and hope he buys it - with the announcement that a 1963 Shelby Cobra DragonSnake CSX2093 goes on the auction block at the Mecum Kissimmee Auction Jan. 26-30, 2011. Failing that plea, start looking for spare change in the couch.

Scuderi Group kicks off V-shape split-cycle engine

Scuderi, an engine development company, is literally running to the next stage of re-engineering the conventional four-stroke engine, as it will now include a new V-shape configuration. All design efforts to advance fuel efficiency is reflected in its announced filing of new patents, raising it patent portfolio to more than 476 patent applications filed and 154 issued in 50 countries.

Ford Will Build All Four Focuses in Michigan Assembly Plant

Ford invited the media out to its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne to show off the new facility that will build gas, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric versions of the 2012 Ford Focus. It will be the first automotive plant in the world, according to Ford president of the Americas Mark Fields, to build one car with four different powertrains.

New Bosch EL generators to meet demands of modern auto electrical systems

The demand for electrical power in cars has been increasing for decades, mainly due comfort and safety systems, but now the stop-start systems which reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is raising the bid. Thus, design engineers are increasingly burdened to meet all of those demands. Enter Bosch and its new Efficiency Line of generators.