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Ford Lightning Put to the Charging Question Test

Can You Charge a Ford F-150 Lightning at a Campground Power Outlet or Off of a Hybrid?

Are you a Ford F-150 Lightning owner or thinking about buying one with plans to go cross country into remote areas such as Dead Horse, Alaska? Then this is a must-watch video to find out whether this is really possible and some precautions you must take before attempting a trip that can easily turn into a doomed quest.
Tesla Model S, 3, X, & Y

Tesla Shares Rise Afterhours Following Elon Musk’s Decision To Walk Away From Twitter Deal

Back in April, Elon Musk announced his intention to buy the social media giant, Twitter. And since this announcement, Tesla's stock has been suffering due to fears that Twitter will take Musk's attention away from Tesla. However, late today we learned Musk has officially decided to walk away from the deal, and unsurprisingly the news has caused a surge in Tesla's stock price
Kia Niro, Sorento, Sportage and EV6

Kia Electrified Vehicle Sales Through June 2022 Show Continued Growth

Kia’s U.S. vehicle sales trends for the month of June and for the first half of 2022 haven’t changed that much from the previous months and quarters for 2022. Their electrified vehicle sales, which include hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and electric (EV) vehicles, are up significantly year-over-year, while their overall vehicle sales have slumped.
How to Diagnose a Bad Wheel Bearing

Avoid This Common Car Repair Scam with a Simple Touch Test

Believe it or not spinning the wheels and listening for a tell-tale noise on a jacked-up vehicle is not the best way to determine if your wheel noise is due to a bad wheel bearing. Here’s a recent bit of advice from a Toyota mechanic on how to diagnose a bad wheel bearing like a pro on your Toyota or Lexus. Plus, a demo on how to DIY on your car’s wheel bearings to save money.
Radar vs Laser Speed Trap Detectors

Avoid Fines and Jail with This Speed Trap Evasion Radar Need to Know Info

Have you had a speeding ticket and swore you would buy the best speed trap evasion radar or laser-based tech available to avoid ever getting another speeding ticket again? You are not alone. However, there are some speed trap evasion need-to-know info you need right now not only to avoid being scammed from speed trap scan products, but also avoid paying a fine high enough to buy a new car and/or spend some time in jail.
Tesla Model Y structural battery

Elon Musk Responds To Sandy Munro’s Tear Down Of The 4680 Tesla Model Y With Structural Pack

Munro & Associates has begun the first teardown of the 4680 Model Y with a structural battery pack. From the initial observations, the firm's engineers have called the structural pack architecture mind-blowing. And now, Musk has responded to Munro & Associate's comments saying "it is still far from optimized."