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In 15 years, the center of auto production will be in China

How much the automotive industry will change over the next 15 years is the subject of a study performed by Roland Berger in Troy, CA and revealed in the Oakland Press this morning. The study sees the center of automotive production switching to China and other Asian nations, as skilled workers in the U.S. and Europe age and retire.

Chrysler gains 13% over last year as consumers wait for 2011 models

The numbers from around the US automotive industry are in and the Chrysler Group is the weakest of the American automakers in terms of year over year growth (comparing February 2010 to February 2011) and even with consumers seemingly waiting for the impressive new 2011 models to reach dealerships in higher numbers, Chrysler showed a jump of 13% in sales.

Mitsubishi addresses Lancer Evolution rumors on Facebook

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Mitsubishi was planning on ending the high performance Lancer Evolution line after this model year and this morning, Mitsubishi addressed the future of the Evo on Facebook but sadly, it doesn’t do much to refute the reports of the Evolution X being the last in a long line of high performance vehicles.