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Toyota issues defense against accelerator pedal misinformation

A Toyota press announcement responds to recent critics who equated a late November, 2010, technical service bulletin with another recall for accelerator pedal problems. While it displays a sensitivity to the issue, the Toyota response explains the nature and intention of the technical service bulletin in question.

Electric vehicles demand quieter electric power steering units

Electric vehicles (EV) are very different from those powered by internal-combustion engines (ICEs). Any and all components that have moving parts may be heard within the interior cabin. Nowhere is that more obvious than the noise associated with electric power steering units, known as EPS mounted to the steering column.

Cyclone Power to run patented steam engine in land speed record attempt

Lest you think the steam engine for automobiles is dead, think again. Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. already has a compact, heat regenerative, external combustion engine that has been developed to achieve high thermal efficiencies and power-to-weight ratio. First things first, though. How about a land speed record?

EV and hybrid auto engineers to rely on new acoustic options

Excessive weight may be the enemy of fuel mileage for any car model, but so is noise to an electric car, which produces its own noise with its high-frequency electric motors. Design engineers, therefore, must battle to achieve balance between those two requirements. Enter suppliers like 3M with their Thinsulate(TM) material.

Ford Escape and Kuga replacement Concept to debut at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Ford will debut a new crossover concept in near-production form next month at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show and while the name is not yet known, this Ford Focus-based crossover will likely fit under the One Ford plan, replacing the Escape in North America and the Kuga in other markets.

Hyundai may split, make new luxury brand

Hyundai has gone public with plans to possibly create a new luxury auto brand in the U.S., splitting its operations and perhaps even establishing an entirely new dealer body to carry its premium models. According to reports in the business press, Hyundai might call the new division Genesis, taking the name from its Genesis luxury sedan launched in 2008. In addition to the Genesis and the new Hyundai Equus, future luxury models could follow the creation of the new division.

Is a hydrogen and internal combustion engine marriage in your future?

Not all follow-ups to news releases communicate proper emphasis, especially when it comes to Detroit and its technologies. Case in point is the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) media release on its website, which showcased a hydrogen-powered bus as representative of advance vehicle technologies. Deemphasized by most in the follow-up automotive press was the fact that the engine was internal combustion, not a fuel cell.