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Google self-driving car prototype built on a Toyota Prius

How will RoboCars work, and when will we have RoboCar's?

The RoboCar vision offers huge gains in accident rates, erasing traffic congestion and more, but is it pie in the sky or will we actually have self-driving robotic cars roaming our cities in the future? Today Google's Self-Driving car project does have modified Toyota Prius's roaming the streets, primarily in Silicon Valley, prototyping the RoboCar's of the future.
Google self-driving car prototype built on a Toyota Prius

RoboCar's could save our cities, according to Brad Templeton

In 20 years or so our cities could start seeing automated self-driving RoboCars driving themselves around, relieving us of drudgery, reducing traffic accident rates, enabling better use of the land tied up by roads, making electric cars more practical, and generally saving the world. Google's Self-Driving Car project is today using modified Toyota Prius's to prototype the robotic cars of the future.
Goodyear North America Highway Award

Astonishing Truck Drivers In Contest to win North America Highway Hero Award

Where would the automotive industry and practically every other industry in the United States be without truck drivers? Well, there are some people who owe their lives to these astonishing truck drivers who have been named finalists for Goodyear’s 29th North America Highway Hero Award.
The Fisker Karma EcoChic Sedan

The 2012 Fisker Karma review - the ultimate electric luxury sedan

Since I first laid eyes on the Fisker Karma at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, I have been enamored with the high performance electric luxury sedan with extended range capabilities and earlier this week, I was among the first journalists to drive the production ready Fisker Karma on US soil – a drive that met every expectation that I have had for the sleek new sedan over the past 4 years.