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Charity Give-Away Announced for a 2022 Performance Model Y

Tesla Changed Everything You Know About the Model 3 and the Model Y

Do you think that you know everything that there is to know about Tesla cars? Here’s a challenge to yourself with this latest must-see video about changes Tesla has recently made in their newest production models that reveals some hidden features and tricks to make your Tesla experience more enjoyable. Plus…a chance to win a 2022 Performance Model Y and $10,000 in cash!
Model 3

Potential Gamechanger For Driving Platforms: Hertz to Provide Uber With Up To 50K Tesla Model 3 by 2023

Hertz just announced today that it will be providing 50 thousand Tesla Model 3 units to Uber, in yet another surprising (somewhat) move that is shaking the ground for many driving platforms. It was a matter of time, as just by doing simple math the whole transaction absolutely makes sense from a TCOE point of view. And it is also a matter of time to see other similar companies following the same pathway.
Tesla Stock Still a Bargain

Tesla Stock Still a Bargian Over $1,000 and Trillion Dollar Market Cap

Tesla stock has breached the trillion dollar market cap and currently has a price earnings of 330. Some may say this is an overvalued stock, but those who see the trend for the future and the massive lead Tesla has in many areas, see that Tesla stock is still a bargain at its current price. And it's especially a bargain if you see Tesla reaching a 20 trillion dollar market cap in the coming decades.
Giga Shanghai

Tesla Giga Shanghai Achieves Amazing Production Numbers, Aiming at 600K+ a Year

Tesla MIC ("Made In China") has just achieved amazing production numbers. It basically produced 25,864 Model Y units and 24,394 Model 3 units, totaling 50,258 cars in September 2021. That would basically mean more than 600K cars/year coming out of Giga Shanghai alone, another outstanding achievement for Tesla.
Snow Tires With The Most Tested Grip

Consumer Reports Test Results Show That These Winter/Snow Tires Have The Best Grip

Here’s the latest from Consumer Reports on what they found from extensive testing the best winter/snow tires that you can buy in 2021 that have the most grip for improved stopping distance and reliability under a wide range of winter driving conditions.