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Learn from DIY Car Owner's Mistakes on Car Painting

DIY Car Painting with a Cheap Wedding Tent Solution

Trying to decide if painting a car yourself is or is not the best idea for a car project, but at least doable with satisfying results? Here’s one car owner’s journey that is a must-watch for anyone looking for an affordable way to DIY paint their car and what to expect in the process before making a commitment.
Should You DIY a Car's Paint Job?

Bad Husband Car Repair Projects

Thinking about a car paint repair project while your spouse is away because you live by the “Tis easier to ask for forgiveness tomorrow, than it is to beg for permission today” motto? You are not alone as many DIY live-free die-hard husbands can attest to. That said, here are some important considerations to make before tackling a DIY car paint project in your home.
Why Going Turbo with a Hybrid is a Bad Idea

The Truth About Turbo Engine Reliability from This Car Shopping Expert

Is a turbocharged engine vehicle the right choice for you? Here’s a recent reveal from one automotive expert on the truths you need to understand about turbos and the vehicle examples where problems and issues have been evident and affected car reliability. Of particular note is a warning about why a turbo is a bad idea with Hybrid cars.