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Tesla Model Y structural battery

Elon Musk Admits He Got Idea For Tesla Model Y Front & Rear Casting From Toys

Elon Musk at his latest appearance at the All-In Conference has revealed that he got the idea for Model Y front and rear casting from the manufacturing process of toys. This is yet another example of Musk's first principles ethos and why the EV maker is leading the industry.
EVs Are Not Green Says This Mechanic

Why You Should Not Buy an EV Today

Contrary to what you might be led to believe, buying an electric vehicle today does not make sense on multiple fronts for the reasons given by the EV industry and social media. Here’s what one mechanic has to say about gas prices, EV snake oil, and the EV trend we are seeing today that explains why you should not jump on the EV bandwagon just yet.
Tesla Giga Berlin Model Y vehicles parked and ready for delivery

Tesla Giga Berlin's Model Y Production Numbers Show Moderate Progress with Big Expectation in July

Tesla is making rapid improvements at Giga Berlin to increase the Model Y production. But even with only one shift per day, reducing the station time to a quarter would mean four times of the current production volume, i.e. about 350 Model Ys per day or 7000 per month.