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Grile of a 2022 Ford Ranger Pickup

Exploding Airbag Claims New Victim In Continuing Takata Airbag Recall

The ongoing Takata exploding airbag safety recall claimed another victim last month as a young driver from Pensacola, Florida, was killed by an exploding airbag housing. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the relatively minor traffic accident turned fatal when the airbag housing exploded, striking the driver with shrapnel from the airbag housing.
Older Chevys Have Repair Issues that Result in More Repairs Added On

Why Some Mechanics Recharge the AC Coolant in Older Chevy Trucks Rather Than Fix its Leak

Does your vehicle require refilling of its AC system refrigerant every few months? If so, then why hasn’t it been fixed? Here’s one take about some mechanics who would prefer charging you for refilling your refrigerant periodically rather than fixing a leaking refrigerant problem. Plus, an easy DIY tip that can help determine where your refrigerant is leaking when others have failed to locate the source.