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GM gets Bailout, Why not Saab

It was recently announced that Saab, the venerable Swedish automaker, filed for bankruptcy protection. Saab did not need to do this though, as it had a chance with two Chinese firms to pull itself out from the dire financial situation it found itself in. However, General Motors (GM), blocked the deal. This begs the question... why can't Saab get a bailout?
Electric Superchargers allow boost at low rpm

Best of Best Advanced Automotive Technology 2011: Electric Supercharger of Controlled Power Technologies

As the second part of a new, end-of-year recognition awards, and hopefully the start of a TorqueNews tradition under the automotive technology category, the Best of the Best Advanced Automotive Technology 2011 goes to the Electric Supercharger of Controlled Power Technologies, which was recently acquired by Valeo.
Buick eAssist was chosen by TorqueNews for best of Best Auto Tech for 2011

Best of the Best Production Automotive Technology 2011: Buick eAssist

As part of a new end-of -year recognition, and hopefully the start of a TorqueNews tradition, two recognition awards will be given under the automotive technology category based on a set of criteria. The first is the Best of the Best Production Automotive Technology 2011 which goes to the Buick eAssist.
The 2011 Nissan Xterra is one of the vehicles subject to recall

Merry Christmas Nissan owners – your car may have a serious defect

Nissan is recalling 14,700 of its 2011-12 models because of troubling defect, which could cause the engine to suddenly lose so much oil the engine could seize, if the condition were ignored. Any owner who had to replace an engine before their car was two years old would not be likely to buy that brand again.
Hennessey's 800-horsepower modified Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hennessey's 800-hp Jeep Grand Cherokee will blow your mind

Hennessey Performance is known for taking powerful vehicles like the Viper and boosting them to a mind-boggling level. This year they are releasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 whose 6.4-liter Hemi has been enlarged to a 7.0-liter displacement and added twin turbos to boost output to 805 bhp. This rocket sled on wheels will go from 0 to 60 in a heart-stopping 3.1 seconds.

Craftsman bringing the slowest vehicles to NAIAS

They’re not what you usually expect to see at the premiere auto show in America – vehicles with a top speed of 8-mph. It seems Craftsman is betting those who like to cruise the streets in a luxury automobile, will want the same comforts when they’re mowing their lawn, so they are bringing the new line of CTX tractors and mowers to the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) next month.
This Ferrari Stretch Limo belongs to Limo Broker of London.

When you arrive in a Ferrari Stretch Limo, you know you have really arrived

The defines “putting on the dog,” as making things extra special or dressing formally for a special event. So the shoppers who arrived in the Ferrari stretch Limousine at Harrod’s Department Store in the Knightbridge area of London yesterday, could only be described as “putting on the diamond dog.”
A scene from Happy Grad, submitted by Zachary Bors to the Route 66 contest.

You could win $10,000 by sharing your favorite Chevrolet Route 66 video

Filmmakers from around the world have created video spots for the Chevrolet Route 66 contest in an effort to have theirs aired by GM during SuperBowl XLVI. Now fans have the chance to win $10,000 by sharing their favorite 30-second spot from the 35 finalists selected from over 197 entries and 32 different countries.
Chevy Cruze owners receive calls from GM and sruveys from J.D.Power

GM and J.D. Power attempt to understand the why behind Chevy Cruze sales

Judi has received multiple calls from GM and now a survey from J.D. Power and Associates to provide feedback on her recent purchase of her 2012 Chevy Cruze. Question is: Why doesn’t GM understand its own success here, when all they have to do is recall what Henry Ford did? Modifying a famous political line, it’s the “personal” economy, stupid!
Chevy Volt tech display at 2011 NAIAS in Detroit

GM CEO Akerson dismisses price factor with building 60,000 Chevy Volts in 2012

GM may be avoiding public perception at its own peril once again. After all, GM and its CEO, Dan Akerson, may have the grand desire and the ability to build 60,000 Chevy Volts in 2012, but the more fundamental question is: Can GM sell all 60,000 Volts in 2012 at its present price?