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2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in

Toyota confirms the Prius Plug-in qualifies for California rebate program

As the Toyota Prius Plug-in makes its way towards dealer show-rooms, Toyota announces that, in California, the Prius Plug-in will qualify for an additional rebate under the CVRP program, and additionally qualifies for the same green HOV access sticker that the Chevy Volt will get.
The Saab 9-4x

A Saab Story?

Saab Automobile, the venerable brand from Sweden, entered bankruptcy last December. The trustees of the company have been seeking bids from international and Swedish investors looking to rescue and revive the now dormant company. Offers were due yesterday and the auto world is waiting anxiously to hear the results.
The Fisker Logo from the Karma sedan

Former Chrysler boss LaSorda picked to run Fisker

Things are ramping up for Fisker Automotive, as the production version of their Fisker Karma is reaching buyers around the world with more vehicles are expected to join the Karma in the company’s lineup and today came the first major management change as former Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda has been hired to fill the roles of CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board for Fisker Automotive.
The Kia KH Concept

The first pictures of the Kia KH Concept hit the internet

The automotive world has known for some time that the Kia brand was planning to launch a rear wheel drive luxury flagship sedan but today, the Korean automaker posted the first official images of the new Kia KH Concept on their company Facebook page – giving us a look at what will likely sit atop the Kia lineup in the next year or so.
Samsung Car Mode screenshot

Toyota-Samsung cooperation to enable smartphones talking to car

If you have ever wanted to talk to your car and get a response, that future is coming fast. Samsung and Toyota have announced a collaboration that will bear fruit later this year with a Car Mode Application that integrates voice commands for advanced functionality. The marriage of human and vehicle is happening.
The Fisker Surf

The Fisker Surf to debut in production form in Paris

The Fisker Surf Shooting Brake Concept is a 5-door sport wagon based on the basic design (and powered by the drivetrain) of the incredible Fisker Karma sedan and according to, the extended range electric Surf Shooting Brake will make its debut in production form at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in September.
The 2012 Daytona 500 Logo

The Daytona 500 start postponed again, moved to 7pm

Yesterday marked the first time in the history of the “Great American Race” that the fabled Daytona 500 was postponed, with the area blanketed in a rain that prevented track crews from ever getting the track dry enough to race and unfortunately for NASCAR fans, today’s noon start time has now been pushed back to 7pm due to continuing rains.