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5-Year-Old SUVs that are fuel efficient and affordable

Consumer Reports Most Fuel-Efficient Used Compact SUVs Recommended Today

Looking for an SUV that will save you on both fuel and price? Now might be a good time to take a look at 5-year-old compact SUVs with respectable fuel efficiency as a good alternative to other used vehicles per Consumer Reports latest listing of fuel-efficient used SUVs they recommended today.
Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Cybertruck Owners Will Be Able To Legally Drive Without A Side-View Mirror

Elon Musk had previously confirmed that the Cybertruck will ship with easily removable side-view mirrors. Since then, there has been debate on whether the vehicle can legally be driven without side-view mirrors. However, today Musk has confirmed that a Cybertruck without side-view mirrors can legally be driven on US roads. Musk also says it will improve the range by 5%.
1.7 Million Ford Midsized Models Probed For Brake Line Problems

NHTSA Opens Probe Into Front Brake Hose Problems In 1.7M Midsized Sedans

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into front brake hose failures in 1.7 million midsized sedans. The probe into Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans follows recall two years ago of Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX models. The agency received 50 complaints of similar problems in the sedans and the result is the new probe.
Overlooked Toyota Model Engine for Good Used Car Buy

One of Best Toyota Engines Ever Made in a Used Model You Should Be Looking For

Looking for a used Toyota that has one of the most reliable engines ever produced by Toyota? Then you will want to see this Toyota show and tell by a Toyota mechanic who says this engine is a little-known legend that is remarkable when it comes to reliability and needing fewer repairs than other engines during its lifetime when maintained properly.
Tesla FSD Beta

After 8 Months Elon Musk Agrees To Enable FSD Beta On NHTSA’s In-House Tesla Test Vehicle

Tesla's FSD Beta software is rapidly progressing towards becoming a level 5 fully self-driving software. However, as the AI's capabilities grow, so has scrutiny by regulatory agencies. And today, an 8-month-old message sent by the NHTSA to Tesla asking to be included in the FSD Beta program has surfaced. After a long wait, Musk has finally agreed to turn on FSD Beta on the regulatory agency's in-house test Tesla vehicle.