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Even non-DIY car owners can save money on car costs

Save Thousands Yearly in Scam Car Repairs and Maintenance With This Guide

Want to avoid becoming the victim of a car repair scam and guarantee saving yourself up to thousands of dollars yearly in car maintenance and repair bills? The best way to achieve this goal is by knowing when to seek a trusted mechanic for help and when to follow DIY instruction on how to inspect a car yourself as well as make repairs and do your own maintenance.
Find the source of car noises with this affordable piece of test equipment.

Transmission Problem Diagnosis With This Simple Tool

Have you ever heard a noise coming from somewhere in your car that you can hear, but the service center mechanic you went to cannot? This can be a problem if your transmission is still under warranty, but the mechanic denies there is any detectable problem. Here’s a simple tool to solve this problem that can be especially useful for diagnosing transmission problems and other vehicle noise maladies.
That used car inspection might be worthless and cost you thousands.

Scam Alert: What Dealerships Don’t Want You to Know About Used Car Inspections

Looking at buying a used car from a dealership that claims all of their cars go through an inspection checklist before selling? Think again if you believe this or a CARFAX report will prevent you from buying a lemon that could easily cost you up to $10,000 in repairs to make it safe let alone drivable. Here’s what one mechanic in the business has to say about this type of scam.